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10 Hilarious (but Harmless) April Fool’s Pranks to Play on Your Kids!

april fools

I am a total jokester at heart, and our whole family loves pranking each other. Of course we always do it out of love and make sure that no one gets hurt or offended, but we do have a lot of fun at one another’s expense! 

Here are a few fun and harmless pranks to play on your family this April Fool’s Day, or any day! 

1. Googly Eyes

Stick googly eyes on food containers in the fridge or pantry, or perhaps on the shampoo, toothpaste, or other items. Just looking at this picture cracks me up. (and creeps me out a bit, but in a totally funny way!) 


Source: Be Different…Act Normal

2. Alien Birth Certificate

If your kid is a little bit on the gullible side, this one will get their goat. Here’s a free printable from Spoonful by Disney, that you can download, print, and fill in the blanks. 


Source: Spoonful by Disney

3. Frozen Cereal

Pour bowls of cereal and milk for each kiddo the night before, and place in the freezer overnight. In the morning watch their faces as they try to scoop up spoonfuls-it will be frozen solid! 


Source: Happy Home Fairy

4. Make-believe Maze

This free printable from Spoonful by Disney is a maze with no solution. Drive your kids crazy trying to solve it, especially if you offer a small prize for the first one to finish! (of course, they won’t finish, so award the prize to the first kid who calls your bluff!)


Source: Spoonful by Disney

5. Eye Pad

Wrap up a sterile eye pad from the pharmacy, and tell them you’ve finally caved and bought them an “iPad”! 



6. Brownies

Another fun play on words, cut out brown letter “E”s from construction paper and place in a baking pan covered with foil. Tell them you’ve made “brownies” for dessert! 


Source: Snap Creativity

7. Swap Dinner and Dessert

Serve mashed potato and BBQ parfaits for dinner:


Source: Family Fresh Meals

Pound cake “grilled cheese” for dessert:


Source: Buzzfeed

These simple recipes will fool the eye, as will these peanut butter potstickers with chocolate dipping sauce for a silly snack or appetizer:


Source: Party Pinching

8. Marshmallow Picking

If you have a shrub in your yard, stick mini marshmallows on the ends of branches and send your kids out to harvest them!


Source: Meaningful Mama 

9. Spilled Milk

Create a splatter-shaped puddle of white glue on a sheet of plastic wrap. When the glue is dried, peel away from the plastic and place on your kid’s (or hubby’s) laptop keyboard, car upholstery, or favorite jacket!


Source: Buzzfeed

10. Broken Remote

Cover the red sensor on the remote control to give your couch potatoes a good laugh (after several minutes of frustration, that is!)


Source: Pen N’ Paper Flowers