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13 Celebrities with Autistic Children

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Autism is all around us. In the last few years, experts said 1 in 88 kids were diagnosed. Now some say that number has climbed dramatically to 1 in 50. As you know if you read this blog, my 5 year-old son, Brady, was diagnosed at age 2 with Autism. It’s been a crazy ride and he’s overcome so many obstacles and opened our eyes to worlds we never knew existed. I am now participating in an Advocacy Bootcamp with Children’s Hospital of Colorado and started a daily(ish) journal of our journey at A Year in Autism. I’ve also reviewed everyday toys in a special needs capacity over at  I answer lots of emails from parents and grandparents asking for help and resources, either locally, nationally and even abroad. I’m really lucky to be able to share my journey with all of you! 

Celebrities are just like us. Warrior Moms and Dads, advocates, fundraisers, and most importantly, a voice for us all to educate those whose lives haven’t been touched by Autism. Here are 13 celebrities who have children (or grandchildren) with Autism.  

13 celebrities who have children with autism.jpg

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