Pinterest For Dummies Review & #Giveaway

Pinterest for dummies

I’ve always been a bit obsessed with the For Dummies line of books. Currently on my shelf? Mom Blogging For Dummies, Knitting For Dummies, Crochet For Dummies, Online Community Management For Dummies… The list goes on and on. So naturally I jumped up and down and SQUEE’d (yes, I SQUEE, don’t act surprised) when I learned that my fave blogger and conference putter-on’er was writing Pinterest For Dummies. Kelby Carr is an amazing writer and a Pinterest obsessed gal like myself.

This book tells you everything you ever needed to know about Pinterest. Think you are an expert already? I considered myself a Pinxpert (no? that one not working?) before opening the book but now that I’ve read it cover to cover?! Holy cow, I knew only a fraction of what Kelby covers in here.

She shows you the basics of how to set up your account, boards and find friends. Then she takes you through how to pin something, how to repin, like, comment, share… She also shows you how to use the iPhone apps and different ways to make your pins stand out! There are even tips on marketing your posts/products with Pinterest and examples of companies that are PinSane (okay, you HAVE to like that one!)

In case you are not PinSessed (too much?!) like I am, here are a few of the tips on Pin Etiquette from the book to get you started. There are way more than the five I give you hear, so you should buy the book! (oh and check out page 158… You might see a familiar site in one of the images! 😉 )

click through to see my top 5 tips on good pin etiquette and to enter to win your very own copy!

Having Fun with the Denver Outlaws


So here is where I admit I have no clue what lacrosse or the rules or anything more than my BFF Kate loves it. I was invited to catch a game and was all set to take the boys. Then, Murphy’s Law stepped in.

The forecast for game day was less than stellar. But I figured we could go for a bit and if it rained, we could watch from somewhere dry at Mile High (or Sports Authority Field at Mile High Stadium as it’s full name is known). The previous day it rained and was cold for the boys field day but I was hoping it would be fine for the game.

Then? Carter got sick. Probably from spending 4 hours in the cold and rain jumping and running and doing other field day activities. I had to cry uncle on my very first Lacrosse game. Luckily Kate stepped in and was thrilled to take her kids (who were all healthy! Bonus!).

Click through to read Kate’s experience at the game!