Waldo Canyon Fire Colorado Photos

waldo canyon fire air force academy colorado springs

First of all, our hearts and thoughts go out to all of those affected by the fires in Colorado right now. I cannot imagine going through evacuation or worse, losing a house, pet or loved one. Here we have user submitted photos from our forums of the Waldo Canyon Fire in Colorado Springs. You can […]

Weekend Events for June 23-24th

just add water children's denver

This weekend is supposed to be hot hot hot! Be sure to drink up lots of water and keep cool! Here are some ideas to help pull you off the couch and get you active while still staying cool and having fun!  JUST ADD WATER –June 1th- Aug. 22 at Children’s Museum of Denver; 10am-5pm […]

Summer Deals with Plum District

Children's Museum of Denver Plum District Birthday Party!

With Summer here, if you are like me, you are trying to find fun and inexpensive things to do with the kids. Plum District to the rescue! I’ve found a couple great deals for local attractions that you won’t want to miss! Denver- The Denver Children’s Museum: $5 for 1 Admission to Plum District’s B-Day […]

Guinness Cupcakes For the Win!

guinness cupcake

My “Wordless Wednesday” is a bit word-full today. 😉 Oh how my husband loves Guinness. For Father’s Day I found a recipe on a great site, My Baking Addiction, for Guinness Cupcakes!   Looks yummy right?!  This recipe was soooooo good! Even though the Guinness is in the cupcake, for non-drinkers, it just tastes like […]

FREE Parenting Seminar June 28 at the Denver Zoo

Parenting Seminar June 28

Potty Training Free Parenting Seminar Presented by: Learn how to outsmart your toddler during the sometimes trying and challenging time of potty-training. Get tips on making the whole process easier for you and your child.   Date: Thursday, June 28, 2012 6:30 to 8:00 p.m.   Location: The Denver Zoo 2300 Steele Street Denver, CO […]

Sunset through the High Park Fire


Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone affected by the High Park Fire outside of Fort Collins, Colorado. This photo was taken Monday night looking towards Longs Peak, a full hour south of the fire, but you can see the plumes of smoke from my property. Want more Wordless Wednesday?  Check out:  The Bonafide Life, Better in […]

TinyLove 3 in 1 Rocker Napper Review (and cute baby pics!)

3 in 1 Rocker

Kate (Knitschmidt.com) and I are best friends. Have been for 6 years now. Our kids are all similar ages with our third children being only 5 weeks apart in age. Her newest addition to the family is Jack. A curious cutie whom I get to dote on.

I get to review a long list of items to share with you all but one thing I lack is an infant/newborn. Lucky for me, Kate lets me throw products her way to review from time to time. This time I brought over the latest baby item from TinyLove, the 3-in-1 Rocker Napper.

Click through to see what the busy mom of four had to say about this product!

Quick Day Trip – Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

cheyenne mtn zoo giraffe

We had such a fun time visiting the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in Colorado Springs this weekend. I took the boys down and was giving an all access tour of the zoo. Settle in, get comfy, I have A LOT to tell and show you!

All lot of us in Denver think Colorado Springs is too far to go for just a day trip. I’m here to tell you to GO! Seriously. We live north of Denver and it only took us about an hour and a half to get down there. We left at 9am and were back home by 5pm and did almost everything the zoo had to offer. If you want to pack in even more fun, take a drive through Garden of the Gods on your way back, but for now, back to the Zoo…

We arrived and were greeted by Katie, their social media/marketing superstar. She said she had a fun day for us and she did not disappoint! First stop… Orangutans, monkeys and gorillas!

Click through to see all of our photos, a video and even a giveaway!

Weekend events around Denver (June 8-10th)


Get your sunscreen out and tie up your laces because this weekend is a BIG one! If you needed some activities to get the wiggles out of those kiddo’s that are anxious for the summer to get underway, there are more than enough things happening this weekend to keep them busy!   AURORA ARTS FESTIVAL-June […]

Common Ground wants Moms to start a conversation about food

Cornucopia photo courtesy of Brent.

Chris Bird (of MamaBirdsBlog.com) attended a meeting with Common Ground for ColoradoMoms. Here, she shares what she learned about foods in Colorado.

Cornucopia photo courtesy of Brent.
Are non-organic foods safe and nutritious? Should I be worried about antibiotics in my meat? What about hormone usage in our meat and milk? What is the difference between organic and non-organic milk? These are all questions we’ve started to ask as consumers and mothers in recent years. I know they’ve nagged me.

I’ve done some cursory exploring on these topics since becoming a mom, because like all moms, I want what’s best for my child. I’ve searched the Internet, browsed books, asked friends, even thrown questions out on Twitter. Surprisingly, a few dairy farmers actually responded to me through Twitter. Can I just tell you as a side note, how much I love Twitter? Anyway, what they had to say about antibiotics and hormone usage in milk was vastly different from everything I had heard and read from every other source. It was refreshing to hear from the very people whose livelihood IS milk.

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to ask more questions like those above directly of farmers? Who better to know the answers in this age of agricultural biotechnology than those who study it and implement it?

Your questions became the impetus for the formation of CommonGround.

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New Disney Store Opening June 9th in Lone Tree, Colorado!


I recently got to take a sneak peek at the brand new Disney Store in Park Meadows Mall. All I can say is, WOW! With 2 trips to Disney World under my belt in the last month or so, you would think I’d be Disney-d out by now. Nope!

The store makes you feel like you are at one of the parks, or in the very least, not in Colorado anymore. The trees literally come alive! Showing images of leaves, birds, fairies, scenes from movies (and possibly a Hidden Mickey if you look carefully). There is a gazebo for the kids showing clips of shows that they can change to show what they like. Every so often the Disney Villains try to take over the store but thankfully a few of the good guys come to save the day.

But my favorite part happens when the store opens! Children will help “unlock imagination” and open the door! How cute is that?!

Click through to get the details on how you can attend the Grand Opening and see some sneak peek pictures of the new store!