Tray Talk – School Meals are Healthy Meals

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Recently I attended the School Nutrition Association conference here in Denver. I wrote about it here, School Lunches, What are your kids really eating? I was super impressed to find out all of the healthy options and new regulations to make school lunches as nutritious as possible. My middle boy, Carter, hates to bring in a sack lunch, […]

Improve the Health of Your Family: Become a LiveWell Mom

LiveWell Colorado Mom Ambassador

Hang tight people, I’m about to get healthy on you! Don’t worry, I can still be snarky while being healthier and more active. I’ll have better stamina for snark and wine! 😉 Here is a great campaign from LiveWell Colorado! I do hope you will join me in becoming a LiveWell Mom! **************************************************** Every mother […]

Chrysler Town & Country, My Wine Cellar on Wheels

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Yup, you read that right. Y’all thought I was joking when I said I’d turn the stow-n-go into wine cellar didn’t you? Check it out! We only had 2 bottles of wine and a few Guinness in there but I could have filled that baby up! With this small amount of adult beverages, they would […]

Introducing Shy Kids to Group Activities

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Parenting is challenge enough. For parents raising children who are reluctant to try new environments, it can be downright exhausting at times, especially if they are outgoing themselves. New environments such as birthday parties, group activities and classes can be very intimidating to shy children, especially those under five who are still developing their language […]

This is 40 – Judd Apatow, Paul Rudd & Leslie Mann Nail it Again!

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This movie needs to be in theaters ASAP. Really. The trailer is NSFW (probably, well, maybe? I love it and have watched it 15 time just this morning, so I’ve been desensitized to it’s contents, but maybe wait until there aren’t kids around at least. Your co-workers will crack the heck up though so maybe […]

Three Influencers Who Literally Shaped My Career


I was recently asked “Who are your influencers?” I had to stop and pause for a minute. My influencers. The people who inspire me and have helped take a girl who just “tinkered around the internet” and turned her into a regular contributor for multiple large sites, as well as given me the courage to […]