Tech Week: Vinci Tablet – Great High Tech Device for Special Needs

Vinci Tablet

We test a lot of products. High tech iPad apps, no tech wooden blocks and everything in between. I was excited to test out the Vinci Touch Creen Mobile Learning System. We received the 7″ tablet with wifi (on sale for $169) and right out of the box I was impressed. a decent sized screen, […]

5 Creative Elf on the Shelf Ideas. Submit Your Own & Win!

Elf on the Shelf Star Wars

Has your elf been naughty or nice? Last year we had a bit of an epic fail with our own elf and then a member of our forums had such a spectacular disaster it left her with the predicament of having TWO elves this year. 😉 You should really read her story. Deanna has a way with words and describes the even flawlessly (and you will end up in stitches over it!)

Link up your own Elf on the Shelf photos to win a giftcard!