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Easy to Follow 21 Day Fix – Meal Plans

21 Day Fix Meals Plans

Okay… I’m diving in y’all. I keep putting it off because of timing. Trips for work, vacations, concerts, so many reasons why I haven’t fully committed to the 21 Day Fix. Well, no more excuses! I have two amazing friends who both are Beachbody Coaches. Of course, if you already have one, feel free to use them, but if you are looking for somewhere to start… these are my go-to gals

Lisa Lehman – Beachbody Coach

Kim Danger – Beachbody Coach,

So where to start? If you are like me, I need a plan laid out for me. coming up with my own is completely overwhelming. Plus, I’m trying to feed a family of 5 and most meal plans are for one person. I’m pretty sure I can figure out breakfasts and lunches for the rest of the family without the 21 Day Fix and do that on my own, but dinner is where I struggle the most. 

I found a few sample meal plans on pinterest and on There is also an app from Beachbody that helps you track and plan. The 21 Day Fix Tracker (official) app is available for free in the iTunes App store. I assume they have one for android as well. 

So now to the meal plans. Here are a few sample meal plans I’ve found that I will be picking and choosing various meals and ideas from. (Click through the slideshow of all 6 meal plans I alternate between!) 

Another great resource is Sublime Reflections DIY Meal Planner. You can create your own mix of foods from the ideas above with a great tracker and shopping list. 

21 Day Fix blank meal plan

Okay y’all. I think I’m finally all prepped and ready. My 21 day fix day 1 is starting today. Wish me luck!