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3 BeginAgain Toys that are Perfect for use in Behavior Therapy

I’m so excited to be partnering with BeginAgain Toys! Fun fact, they were previously named “Sprig” and one of our very first toy reviews on our site many years ago! I was over the moon when they reached out to partner on a fun project.

First, a little about BeginAgain:

BeginAgain is a Colorado company that uses sustainably sourced wood for their wooden toys and products. They also use recycled plastics and sap from the trees to create their rubber/plastic toys. 

We LOVED the bath toy with ball and shark back in the day and Brady was so happy to see the toy again! Instantly he wanted to take a bath just to play with the toys. We had trucks and dinosaurs and all sorts of fun toys! Now, they have even more to offer. We use the toys, puzzles, and games in my son’s various therapies. He is autistic and we have behavioral, occupational, physical and speech therapies every week. I love incorporating toys that any child can play with in his therapies.

I am a huge supporter of using everyday common items vs autism specific items in his therapies, simply because sometimes a company will promote their items for kids with special needs and the prices start to rise. Quick case-in-point, we were looking for a therapy swing for my son many years ago. Two different companies had “autism/special needs” therapy swings for over $200. I found a similar swing (so similar it was almost identical) at IKEA for $40 marked down to $20. That started my quest to find the toys and tools that would help my son based on function rather than marketing. 

BeginAgain toys are ones we love because they are marketed for every child. You can still have learning opportunities and therapeutic components, but they are toys that you can find easily without the special needs up-charge. Here are three toys that we’ve found not only are fun, but functional too!



Tinker Totter Robots

Brady loves mixing and matching these silly robots. He loves to try to make the tallest robot, or the silliest! It’s a great tool we use in therapy for turn taking, building, identifying parts, etc. We actually use this more for therapy than playtime, only Brady only sees it as playing. A great toy that can encompass and teach a variety of skills for any child.

About the Tinker Totter Robots from BeginAgain:

This 28-piece playset and game will please space-crazy kids and their eco-minded parents. Everyone loves to stack and connect the chunky components to create colorful robots of all shapes and sizes. Made from eco-friendly rubber wood with child-safe stains, the playset develops creative thinking and problem solving skills. Tinker Totter Robots is recommended for ages 2 and up.

Number Snail Puzzle

I thought this might be too simple for Brady, at age 9, but he loves this puzzle more than the more complex Animal Parade A-Z Puzzle. I love how confident he is when he completes it and is ready to show off his skills. He could build and rebuild this puzzle for hours on end if I let him. 

About the Number Snail Puzzle from BeginAgain:

A challenging 1 to 10 number puzzle for preschoolers. This inventive puzzle teaches some valuable basics: counting 1 to 10 and colors. Hand-crafted from plantation-grown rubberwood, an environmentally-friendly hardwood. Our best selling numbers puzzle! 

  • 2 puzzles in 1
  • Made from eco-friendly rubberwood and colored with non-toxic stains so puzzles are safe and will maintain their beauty for generations
  • Helps teach numbers 1 to 10 

Shark Tank Bathtub Ball

Brady LOVES this toy. We actually received one as a review many years ago (maybe 6-7?) when BeginAgain was still Sprig. When I showed him the new set that came with the puzzles and toys he remembered it! He was so excited and begged for a bath. It’s such a simple, classic toy that your kids will love and cherish!

About the Bathtub Ball from BeginAgain:

Join our hero, BA on a shark filled underwater adventure. This heavy duty rubber playset is ideal for bathtub and summertime pool time play. The shark tank set features a natural rubber shark tank, hero diver with old time diving helmet, rubber octopus, and a shark character. The bathtub ball doubles as a carry case and is great for clean up time! 

  • Dishwasher safe (top rack preferably) for easy clean up
  • Each figure has a large opening to dry thoroughly – helping to prevent black mold build up!
  • Fun characters are ready to play in the bath or in the pool
  • Parents’ Choice Award Winner
  • NAPPA Silver Award Winner

So you can see, we LOVE BeginAgain toys and are really excited to be partnering with them as an ambassador. Check back on our site in the future for even more reviews and toys!

disclosure: I am a brand ambassador for BeginAgain toys. I review products, have early access to ideas/information and received compensation for my work. All opinions are mine and honest. I mean, who wouldn’t work with toys all day if they could?!