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3 Easy Christmas Crafts from Thrift and Dollar Store Items

This time of year I get such an itch to craft and create, thanks to all the beautiful and adorable ideas on Pinterest, but let’s face it, all those craft supplies can cost a mint. Add that to gifts for three kiddos, and my crafty mood can turn a little grinchy. Not to mention I am a world class procrastinator, so the crafts I choose have to be uber-quick and easy or they won’t be done til January! 

Thankfully, you can find lots of supplies at the thrift stores and Dollar Tree, and just a few cheap embellishments from the craft stores. You might even have many of these items in your house already! 

Here are a few of our favorites. They are all easy enough that little kids can help with supervision, and older kids can fly solo. Each craft takes just minutes from start to finish, with the exception of the spray paint for the puzzle pieces needing a few hours to dry. 

xmas crafts

1. Snowman Ornament

You will need: 

clear glass or acrylic ball ornaments

fake snow, white glitter, or Epsom salts

Sharpie paint pens in black and orange

patterned socks (kids’ sizes work best)

yarn or thin ribbon

hot glue

small funnel or cone made of stiff paper

Remove metal caps from ornaments. Using the funnel, fill each ornament with fake snow, about 2/3 full. Replace caps. With the Sharpies, draw an orange “carrot” nose and black dots for eyes and mouth. Cut sections of the socks about 3 in. long and place them over the top of the ornaments, feeding the hook through the opening of the sock, and gluing in place around the snowman’s head. Using a 5-6 in. piece of ribbon or yarn, tie the sock shut to resemble a stocking cap, leaving the ornament hanger free. 

2. Candy Cane Wreath

You will need:

20 candy canes (real or fake)

hot glue

small paper plate (cake size)

flat, round ornament

1 in. wide ribbon


Arrange candy canes around the paper plate in alternating directions, so that where two canes come together they form a heart. Adjust so that there are several pairs of candy canes, evenly spaced. Once you’ve arranged them evenly, glue each pair to the plate with plenty of hot glue. Go around the edge of the ornament with the ribbon, ruffling it and gluing it as you go. This will conceal the edge of the paper plate and give a nice finished look. Hot glue the flat ornament/ribbon down to cover the ends of the candy canes.  Attach yarn to the back of the wreath by tying it around the candy canes in the 9 o’clock and 3 o’clock positions, this will create a hanger. 

3. Puzzle Piece Reindeer Ornaments

You will need:

an old puzzle 

brown spray paint

hot glue


small google eyes

small red pom poms 

On a covered area (or inside the box lid), arrange several puzzle pieces in a single layer. Make sure there are none overlapping. Spray paint with several light coats, allowing to dry in between. Once they are completely painted and dry (overnight), arrange them in groups of four. Glue them together with two pieces for the reindeer’s face, and one piece on either side for the antlers. Attach eyes and pom pom nose, and attach a 5-6 in length of ribbon to the back for a hanger.