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5 Adult Escapes While the Kids are at Camp Carnival

One of the best things about a Carnival cruise is Camp Carnival. Having this service means your kids can have extra fun and you don’t have to worry about them. It can really give you peace of mind while enjoying some of the more adult activities.

What is Camp Carnival?

Camp Carnival is basically summer camp and vacation rolled into one. There are 3 different age groups: 2 to 5 year olds, 6 to 8 year olds, and 9-11 year olds. There is also a teen version. All of the counselors have education or childcare experience, meaning your kids will be safe in a learning and social environment. They have tons of age-appropriate activities including arts and crafts, dancing, movies, toys, and even video gaming.

Mealtimes are a breeze too. They have their own special menu with items like mac-and-cheese, chicken nuggets, pizza, and much more. They also have speciality items for children with allergies. The staff are trained to help with special needs kids and kids with autism as well.

When the sun goes down the fun keeps on with Night Owls. This is for an extra fee but they have lots of activities for the kids so the parents can enjoy a night out! They will enjoy the same daytime activities as well as “parties” with special giveaways. It is a blast for them!

Have a teen? They would love Club O2. It is spot for teens aged 15-17. They can watch movies, play sports, video games, and karaoke jam sessions. A lot of fun is in store for them and they will make friendships that last for a lifetime! Ages 12-14 will enjoy their time in Circle C! They have dance parties, outdoor movies, and plenty more! Their social schedule may be so packed you may have to schedule your time with them!

5 Things To Do While The Kids Are At Camp Carnival

What should you do with all that free time? I have some great ideas for you!


5 Things To Do While The Kids Are At Camp Carnival


Romantic Date Night In The Steakhouse

While the steakhouse does include a kid’s menu, sometimes it’s hard to wrangle the little ones into a fancier setting. Especially when you want a night alone with your special someone. Enjoy your steak, lobster, and other favorites while reconnecting with your partner!


Try An Excursion Without the Kids

Now, this isn’t an option for everyone depending on how comfortable you are with your kids being alone. Some excursions aren’t for children though, and it would be nice to experience them alone. Maybe you want to visit Mister Sanchos and have a couple of drinks. With the kids having their own fun you could relax and unwind without worrying about them.


Have A Drink In One of the Clubs or Bars

The piano bar on Carnival has different live music each night where the audience picks the songs. The atrium usually has an acoustic singer on stage. The club usually has some hits from either the past or from this decade playing. It’s nice to just sit back and relax with a drink and some music without having to keep your kids sitting still. Plus some of the clubs, etc. are 18 and older.


Watch A Show

While Carnival’s entertainment is family friendly, sometimes the long shows can get boring for the little ones. They could also get over stimulated from all the noise and lights. Plus, sometimes it’s nice to just enjoy a show you wanted to see without your little one wanting to leave. Also, the lights, loud music, and constant stimulation can be hard on some little ones.  

Go To An Adult Comedy Show

These are one of the few things on Carnival that are not family friendly, but are hilarious. If you don’t mind the use of vulgar language or inappropriate topics, these are a great adult pass time. I’ve never been able to sit through one without laughing.


Family vacations are wonderful, but there’s nothing wrong with wanting some alone time. So, drop the kids off at the youth club and enjoy an evening all to yourself. You deserve it.