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5 Last Minute DIY Valentine’s Day Ideas

If you are like me, you scramble the night before the kid’s school parties and eventually just pick out some over priced box of Valentines from Walgreens on the way to school that morning and frantically forge your kid’s names on them. No?! Just me? Well this year I resolved to go back to my crafty roots and hand make all eleventy billion Valentines for all three boys. Um, then I realized I will be out of town on a business trip most of the week. So, back to the last minute ideas for me. 

Here are 5 great DIY Valentines that won’t take days to make. Bonus, I showed them to my nine year-old and he loved all of them! Now the hardest part is choosing which ones to make. 

5 Last Minute DIY Valentines.jpg


Minecraft Valentines Printable: made these wicked adorable Minecraft Valentines. The best part? All you have to do is print/cut/sign and you are done! This is Carter’s favorite so far. 



Super Hero Lolipops: has been a go-to site for crafts and recipes in our house for a while now. Adorable ideas that are cheap, quick and easy. I love this Caped Cute-sader Valentine idea!



Love Bugs:

Dandee Designs came up with a great printable as well. Little jars that you attach toy plastic bugs to them with double sided tape! Quick & easy, the kids will love a new toy and the parents will appreciate a Valentine without candy. đŸ˜‰ 



Target Dollar Spot Valentines:

SO easy, affordable, and again, another Valentine idea sans sugar. These DIY Valentines can be found right here on ColoradoMoms.



May The Force Be With You – LEGO Light Sabers:

This adorable printable lets glowsticks from the dollar store become powerful lightsabers to please any young Jedi! came up with a couple different printable Valentines that will please your LEGO and Star Wars fans.



Do you have a great idea for a last minute Valentine? Comment below!



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