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5 Movies on Netflix That will Entertain the Kids While You Get a Break

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Can we finally agree that it’s inevitable that kids will have screen time and that moms can (and do!) use that screen time to get work done, clean up, take a nap, hell, just get a bathroom break? Good. Now we can move on to bigger things like, the top 5 movies my kid is watching right now so that I can get said bathroom break. 

My youngest son is nine years old and autistic, so your kids may be into different movies, but Brady loves Disney and Dreamworks movies like no other. He becomes obsessed with the characters (usually the female lead is his favorite) and loves to watch the same movie over and over and over and over and… over. I asked him to pick 5 movies currently on Netflix that he loves and why.

Here are Brady’s picks!


Brady: “I love Poppy and Branch! They sing and play. There are no scary parts so you don’t have to cover your eyes. I saw them on a boat [Royal Caribbean International] and they have crazy hair! I like to dance when they sing.” 

Mom: Trolls is at the top of his list “have to watch all the time” right now, especially after meeting Poppy and Branch on our last vacation. I love how Brady doesn’t seem to get bored during the movie and it moves and flows really well. The singing and Justin Timberlake’s voice is just an added bonus for me! 😉 

Inside Out

Brady: “Sadness is my favorite. I have lots of Sadness dolls and toys because I like to make her happy! Joy is yellow and jumps a lot. She’s VERY happy. Disgust hates broccoli and I laugh when she sticks out her tongue. Sometimes the movie makes me sad but then I get happy again at the end!”

Mom: This was his number 1 favorite movie of all time for a long time. It probably still is, though he’s cooled on watching it on repeat for now. I love this movie specifically for autistic kids because it really teaches them about feelings and emotions and what they are and how to deal with them. I loved that they touched on depression for tweens as well. I find so many families are dealing with or at least talking about their tween/teens and depression. This shows a healthy way to open the lines of communication to make sure something bigger isn’t going on.


Brady: “I looooooove Moana. She’s so brave! She went on a boat with just a chicken! He’s so silly. He makes me laugh and laugh. I laugh so much I have to say “stop making me laugh chicken!” I like the song in the movie too. I heard it on the radio too!”

Mom: New to Netflix, Moana is another great family movie. I love how he doesn’t seem to want to skip around in the movie as much as he wants to just rewind and watch the same scene over and over. It’s Disney, so of course I’m a big fan and I don’t have to worry if it will be too scary or intense.”


Brady: “This is my favorite movie. I love Judy Hopps the most. She wears knee pads. Nick the Fox wears a tie and the Rhino shakes the cup when he walks by desk. I love all the parts of this movie. Baby Judy Hopps is so cute! Let’s watch it again. I LOVE this one mom!”

Mom: I never thought a movie could pass up Inside Out as his favorite but this one at least tied it. Because Brady is autistic, we generally can’t watch movies when they first come out and have to wait until they are on Netflix or DVD. We waited a bit to watch this movie for some reason but once we did it was an instant hit with the whole family!

Secret Life of Pets

Brady: “Tattoo Pig! I love him. You have tattoos mommy, so you love him too. I like Duke and Max and Mel. This movie is funny. The dogs run all over and the bunny is the boss. He’s a funny bunny. He looks so cute but he’s not nice. Oops. Was that a spoiled alarm?” 

Mom: “Spoiler alert, and it’s okay, I don’t think you spoiled anything.” We love this movie because of how much Brady does. It surprised me, was pretty entertaining for everyone, clever writing and big names as the voices. It was fun to watch him get so excited about each part of the movie.


So there you have it. Brady’s top 5 picks for movies on Netflix and my top 5 picks for “movies that will let you have enough time to go to the bathroom or maybe even bing Orange is the New Black on your own device. 

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