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5 Signs your Child is Overscheduled

are your kids overscheduled

As a society we often love that stay busy mentality, many families are found to be on the go a majority of their life. With the on the go mentality of adults being popular, it’s no wonder many children are starting to be overscheduled. With times of parents having to have children in so many activities to fit in and parents wanting to have their children experience all they can in childhood, it’s no wonder you may wondering if your child is overscheduled. If you are wondering whether or not your child is overscheduled, then read on to find out the 5 signs your child is overscheduled.

Constantly Fatigued

We are not talking about the teenager who stays up all night and then barely functions the next day, no; we are talking about a child who has no other reason for constant fatigue. If your child is showing signs that they are constantly exhausted without any explanation, they may be overscheduled and their body is simply shutting down to protect them from doing too much.

No Quiet and Relaxation

Watch your children as their days unfold, are you seeing that your child is rarely ever having a moment of quiet and relaxation? Is your child constantly on the go and never slowing down? If your child is rarely seen taking time for quiet and relaxation to recoup, then they may be overscheduled. Everyone needs down time to rejuvenate, yes even children.

Constantly Whiny

Is your child constantly whining about the oddest of things? Do you find they are often speaking to you in a high pitched whiny voice about everything? If your child is found constantly whining about the most random of things, they may be overscheduled. An overscheduled child will have a brain that is on full so whining will commence on a regular basis.

Never Has Fun

If your child seems more like a grown adult than an age appropriate child, such as fun is not in their vocabulary anymore, they may be overscheduled. A child who is often kept busy with activities and other duties will lose their sense of childhood fun sooner than a child who has less in their schedule.

Recurring Headaches or Dreams

Have you found that your child is complaining about these mysterious symptoms? Have you brought your child to the pediatrician only to find out their headaches, stomach aches and odd dreams aren’t medically related? Well then you may have an overscheduled child that is suffering from stress or quite possibly anxiety of trying to keep up with it all.

There you have it, 5 signs your child is overscheduled. Is your child showing any of these signs? Have you been at your wits end trying to figure out what’s causing such a ruckus in your household? Well, maybe you have overscheduled your child without realizing and now it’s time to make change for the better.