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5 Things You Can Plant Right Now

I fall for it every spring.

Right about now…after that one big snow we seem to get every April…the sun comes out and I open up all the windows and the sweaters come off and the shorts come out (sorry, everyone. Eventually your eyes will adjust to my blinding legs). And I get the itch to play in the dirt. And while my brain knows not to plant things before Mother’s Day, I. Can’t. Help. Myself.

So I buy a bunch of fun, brightly colored flowers about mid-April and plant them all out front and they look lovely and beautiful and BAM! They always get buried by one last snow of the season. You think I’d learn.

So this year — I did! I learned. I did some research, and found some flowers and veggies that we can all plant outside right now and not have our flower-loving souls crushed after a snowstorm. Mine have lived through two already. (Side note: There are tons of bulbs you can plant in the fall that will bloom around now, too. If you were a planner and did that, go you! These flowers are for those of us who did not think ahead and want something cheerful to brighten up our sad, dead yards RIGHT NOW).


One more thing — all the flowers and vegetables I’ve planted so far are in containers, because my ground is still frozen. You can probably plant some seeds straight in the ground, but if you’re getting six-packs of plants, you’ll probably need to put them in pots for a while until the ground is softer.

1.) Pansies — they’re easy to grow, they come in tons of colors, they love cool weather and shade, and you can find them at just about every garden store. You really can’t go wrong.

2.) Primroses — also found at most garden stores now, and really sturdy. It’s hard to kill a primrose. And bonus — they’ll keep going after a lot of other early spring plants have stopped blooming.


3.) Violas — related to pansies, but smaller and so stinking cute. Most I’ve seen are shades of blue, purple, or white but they can also be yellow and orange. They also love cool weather and shade. 

4.) Spinach, lettuce, etc — you can plant all those salad-y greens now. I planted a few that were already started, but you can also throw down some seed now and have your salad ready by early June. 


5.) Root vegetables — you can plant all those veggies that grow underground like carrots, onions, and radishes now, too. In fact, if you start now and throw down some new seed every two weeks or so, you can get a harvest out of them for almost the whole summer. 

Finally, don’t forget to water! Somehow, when it’s cold instead of hot, it doesn’t seem as important to water and I always forget. Make sure they’re hydrated and happy.

How about you? Do you have any favorite snow-hardy plants?