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5 Things Informercials Taught Me

I have this sick obsession with infomercials. It started in the early 90’s with that Cosby sweater clad Mike Levy on “Amazing Discoveries”. Don’t act like you didn’t watch it. It was ratings GOLD! I mean this guy would act like he’s never seen a hair roller before, then fumble around like an idiot with the “old school” ones, then act like he’s Vidal Sassoon himself with the fancy steam rollers! (And side note, I totally bought those rollers!)

It’s hard to find those old Amazing Discoveries videos on youtube, and most are in Swedish as the Swedes love them some infomercials. Thank God for Billy Mays (may he rest in peace). He single handedly brought back infomercials to forefront of pop culture. From Oxy Clean to Mighty Putty, he once again showed us that cleaning the old fashioned way was cumbersome and messy. Showcasing people of all ages struggling with such mundane tasks as using glue. I learned a lot from informericals over the years and I want to share some of those things with you.

1. Americans are idiots and we can’t even use a knife properly. Thank you informercials for showing me Miracle Blades! Never again do I have to say, “Why is my knife not slicing a soda can and then a ripe tomato?” Now it can!

2. Everyone hates stains. There are products to get stains out of clothes, out of carpet, off of wood, off your car, of your grass, cement, the list goes on and on. We hate stains and have pouty faces when trying to clean them with ordinary cleaners. BUT! You don’t have to stay pouty forever! Enter Oxy-Whatever. By simply adding oxygen to any cleaning product, or even just the letters “Oxy” we can clean better and smile doing so.

vidalia chop wizard

3. Onions are the Devil. Yep, you try to slice one without crying. My single favorite infomercial product ever? The Vidalia Chop Wizard. Hells to the yeah. Tear free chopping. I seriously use this thing

4. People who love infomercials can be gullible. See #3.

5. If you act enthusiastic and say WOW! with everything, you can trick people into thinking you are perky and awesome. Try it. Next time you have a parent-teacher conference, say to the teacher, “I know Johnny is getting C’s and is disrupting class, but WOW! He really knows how to eat his lunch!” Right?! Instantly sounds better.

“WOW! This blog post is freaking awesome!” Is what you might be thinking right now. Or not. Really I just love infomercials and wanted to share my love of them with all of you. Now I’m off to go buy some Wen hair products and some steps for the dog we don’t have to get into our bed.




  • Janine

    I can’t tell you how many late night purchases I made in the 90s but let’s just say that Tony Little and the Ab Roller somehow caught my eye at 4am.

    Love this!

  • Emily

    I totally had the ab roller!!!! It made a nice coat hanger. LOL

  • Jennifer B.

    I think I’m too short compared to my counter top to get enough leverage, b/c I have the Vidalia Chop Wizard and have a hard time chopping my onions and veggies. But I often find myself zoning out to infomercials, although I have not bought any directly off the TV, I do like that they sell the items in the stores though.

  • Emily

    I’m afraid to admit to just how many “As seen on TV” products I own. 😉

  • Kate

    I can’t believe you made no mention whatsoever of the shamWOW and slap chop.

  • jenny - sugar loco

    I was *this close* to ordering the P90X set while in my hotel room the other day. I would tooootally use it

  • Emily

    I don’t mention it because that guy is CREEPY!

  • Emily

    *hides* we have that one too. I need an intervention!

  • Amanda

    Emily, you must be stopped. They now have a lot of that stuff in Target too. No, I did not just help your addiction. I don’t think I have ever bought something from TV. I wouldn’t know where to start. Probably a good thing. I do know my son, might have a problem. When we watch Qubo, there is some magnetic ball thing that he just “has to have.”

  • Poppy

    I know what you mean, they are so addictive arnt they? You can just be sat watching something and as it ends one of these things comes on. Before you know it you are right into it watching and waiting for the next one.

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  • Karen Levey (not Levy)

    I enjoyed the above about Mike. I’m his sister-in-law, married to Mike’s brother. Thanks. Karen

  • Tamara Simons

    Haha! i am writing a Master thesis on the effects of puffery (exaggeration and superlative claims) on consumers and it starts off with mentioning the Amazing Discoveries, Mike Levy about the Miracle Blade. It must have caught everybodies attention some how. For me it was the exaggeration, AMAAAZING! It can cut throught everything! And in the Netherlands there was a Dutch version: Mike being voiced over by a Dutch guy with a fake American accent. Whether this all worked or not… it was very funny to watch!