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7 Gifts for Your Favorite Ginger

This post contains Amazon affiliate links.

Today is International Kiss a Ginger Day, and while I’m all about trying to kiss my favorite gingers, sometimes it’s frowned upon. Sometimes you get threatened with being forbidden to visit certain countries again because you may have tried to lay one on a member of a royal family. Yes, I’m looking at you, Prince Harry.


So, instead of getting a restraining order for yourself, why not give the ginger in your life a fantastic gift instead?
Here are seven gifts for your favorite ginger friend:

International Kiss a Ginger Day Gift Ideas

1. The Ginger who loves adult coloring books:
Colour Me Ginger Coloring Book
Colour Me Good Ginger by Mel Elliot
Now you can color your ginger any way you want. Relax as you color a bright red mane or coiffed reddish-blonde updos. It’s zen and whatnot.

2. The Disney-loving Ginger: 
I'm Actually a Mermaid Shirt
“I’m Actually a Mermaid” Shirt from Sparkly Ever After
She just wants to be a part of your world. Actually, she’d rather be a mermaid. Wouldn’t we all?

3. Coffee-obsessed Ginger:
Red Squirrel Mug
Scottish Red Squirrel Mug. Ginger Pride Mug from Scotland by Ingingerness
I found a mug that said “Have you hugged a ginger today”, but that brings us back to that whole unwanted hugging problem. Plus, I’m pretty sure no one wants touched before they’ve had their morning coffee. This mug is a more subtle nod to the rarest of hair colors with it’s mischievous little red squirrel. You know you love him.

4. For the littlest Gingers
Freckleface Strawberry
Freckleface Strawberry by Julianne Moore
Learn to  love those freckles and red locks, kids! Written by the most glamorous redhead I’ve ever seen, these books are sweet and can teach all kids about loving what makes them unique. 

5. For the redhead who has everything:
How to Be a Redhead Box
How to Be a Redhead Beauty Box 
Yes, Virginia there’s even a subscription box  just for redheads. Apparently it’s limited to the first 500 subscribers, so you’ll want to jump on this if you want to try it out for yourself or give as a gift. $18.95 isn’t a bad price, either.

6. For your decorator friend:
Redhead Fly Girl Portrait
Redheaded Fly Girl Portrait from the parabirds on Etsy
The fact that this print is called “Redheaded Fly Girl” is reason enough to purchase it. It’s gorgeous and would make a fabulous addition to any home office or bedroom. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want it for myself. (It’s also available in different hair colors, but do those really matter?)

And, last but not least:
7. For your friend who’s not a ginger, but has a slight obsession with them anyway:
Red Hot 100 CoverThomas Knights’ Red Hot 100
Little known fact: I was actually born a ginger. I came out with a full head of fire red hair. Somehow I lost the red and turned blonde by the age of one, but my love of gingers still runs deep. So does my love for this book. 

So go out there and find a ginger to kiss today. Or buy them a gift. Either way, you’ll make their day.