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7 Punny Halloween Costumes for Teenagers & Adults

My 15 year old son is still really into Halloween. He loves hanging out with a few friends and going trick or treating, even though they are well past my “12 is the limit” age for ToTing. At least he has 2 younger brothers that he and his friends can take out, posing to be just some really fun kids who like to help by taking little kids out around the neighborhood. But… We all know that when you see that teenager at the door with a little kid, the kid is really just their wingman. Their vehicle for sugar overload. Their excuse to get to stay young another year and guess what?! I don’t mind it when I see the teenagers at my door. Candy equality people! Don’t discriminate just because that guy in a spongebob costume has a beard. 😉 

Anywho… We were chatting in the car today about costumes. He want’s to find a giant panda suit and go as Hashtag from The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

I’m not exactly sure where I can find a cheap version of this suit, but you can bet I’m going to try. 😉 I was giving Thomas some ideas in the event we don’t purchase or rent a giant panda suit this October. Ones that I thought would be punny, funny. He replied, “Yay… puns!”

Here are 7 Halloween Costumes for Teenagers and Adults

7 punny funny halloween costumes for teenagers

Plot Twist

For this you just need a white t-shirt with the word “PLOT” written on it. Then walk up to people and twist your body… Get it?? Plot Twist. 


Ginger Bread Man

This would work well for a redhead, like my middle boy, but really all you need is a red hair wig and some bread to attach to your shirt. BAM! Instant classic. (and way cheaper than Justin Timberlake’s version, right?!)

Along these lines, you can also wear a red wig and snap your fingers – Ginger-Snap! or if you are over 21, walk around with a red wig and a beer in your hand – Ginger-Ale! (I’ll be here all week! Don’t forget to tip your waitress!)


Chick Magnet

This next one you can either buy here or make your own by taking a white shirt, drawing an old school magnet on it and attaching a few rubber ducks. 

chick magnet costume



Or “BookFace” as they called it on The Office. This one is easy, self explanatory, but make sure you use washable markers, unless you want to be “facebook” for a week while the sharpie wears off. 





Mail Order Bride

Head to FedEx or the post office and grab some of their mail pouches, you can get creative and turn them into an actual wearable top or skirt, or go the easy route and simply pin them to you. Then grab a veil. Voila! Mail Order Bride… listen for the groans after people finally get the pun.




Ceiling Fan

This one my youngest would LOVE! He’s obsessed with ceiling fans so chances are, I’m going to make him a costume for this. Simply take any sports shirt (or plain shirt) and attach/write/whathaveyou “GO CEILING!” then have either a pennant or some pom poms. Boom! Ceiling Fan. (what?! Don’t roll your eyes!)




Last, but certainly not least… 

The Iron Chef

There are a few ways to play this one out. You can get a white apron and put the Periodic Table Element of “Fe” on it, buy this one already done and get a chef’s hat, or simply carry around an iron while wearing an apron and/or chef’s hat. Just don’t tell Gordon Ramsay you did this. 

iron chef



Now you don’t have to be embarrassed when your teen (or husband) wants to go trick-or-treating with the little kids. At least you know they put some thought into their outfit and will hopefully bring a smile to the faces of those who get the puns. 😉



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