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A Simple Minecraft Glossary for Clueless Parents

So many kids love playing Minecraft. However, it can be quite confusing as a parent to hear all the phrases and terms used in this game, especially if a parent wishes to learn to play for some bonding time with their child or children. Worry not! Here are some big words, in no particular order, to learn for playing or simply talking about Minecraft as a parent.


A biome is a region with a certain climate and appearance that is built with certain blocks. There are many biomes in Minecraft and they’re constantly changing. Some biomes are desert, forest, hills, plains, and ocean.


Sprinting is just a faster form of running available in Minecraft as long as your food bar is above three bars.


Your health is the bar of hearts that appears on the bottom left of your screen/monitor (or top left if on a handheld device). This can get depleted by being attacked, falling too far, or not having any food. If your food bar is full, your health will regenerate.

Food Bar

The food bar appears next to your health bar and shows how much food your player needs. If full, your health regenerates after taking damage. If down below three bars, your character can’t sprint. When it is empty, you start to lose health from starvation. You can eat many different foods to replenish it, such as apples, meat from mobs, and more.

Game Mode

Your game mode is the mode of playing that is selected. There are two main game modes: survival and creative. However, there are more game modes.


Survival is a game mode of Minecraft that means the player has health and a food bar. This means that food is needed to keep up a player’s ability to regenerate their health and stay alive. Also, any materials needed must be mined or collected.


This game mode doesn’t have health or hunger, and a player can fly as well. In creative mode, players have access to any block they wish and as many of them as they need. This mode is more for fun and building than exploration and survival.


Mob is the general term used for creatures that aren’t players in Minecraft. There are non-hostile mobs like chickens, horses, pigs, sheep, cows, and more; and there are also hostile mobs that will attack. These include Zombies, Skeletons, Endermen, Creepers, and more.


A character’s skin is the appearance of the character. There are a large variety of skins available for the game.


A realm is the part of Minecraft you are in, and portals can be built to get to the two other Minecraft realms. The other two realms are the End and the Nether, but these places are only accessible through making complicated (or at least hard to get) portals.


The Nether is one of the realms of Minecraft, similar to a “hell” of Minecraft. It is accessed by creating a portal with obsidian blocks. This realm is very dark and full of hostile mobs, fire, and lava.


A Mod is essentially a package that alters the game in some way. Mods can be used to add mobs, textures, items, or other things, as well as change the overall appearance of your Minecraft game. However, Mods usually have to be bought.

These are simply a few basic terms and a not too highly extensive list. Although there is a lot more to learn, it definitely will help parents get started on understanding and getting into the world of Minecraft.