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Awesome Science Fair Ideas

awesome science fair ideas

It’s science fair season.

We just had our school science fair last week, and all my kids in elementary school participated. I was surprised my kindergartner wanted to do a project — usually it takes them a year or two to get interested. But I think she’d been dragged to enough older-kid science fair nights that she was ready to go.

The project we picked — one we got from a Steve Spangler Science Kit — was great because she, as a six-year old, could do the experiments herself and understand how they worked. But it could also be modified and changed as the kids get older to explore more complicated concepts. 

Her project was based on the Baby Diaper Science Fair Kit. Anyone who’s ever had a baby that took in lots of fluids, knows there are little crystals inside a baby diaper that expand and turn into these sort of gel crystals. We looked at what those were, how they work, and how they absorb different liquids. There are tons of variations on this project — we decided to look at whether different liquids were absorbed at different rates.


This was actually just one of the projects we got in a Steve Spangler subscription box that my sister-in-law got the kids for Christmas. It’s such a great kids’ present idea, especially if they get one for a few months. They get stuff in the mail (kids love mail.) And they continue to get presents after their birthday or Christmas is over (they love that, too.)  If you don’t want a subscription box, though, there are also individual science fair kits available including the Geyser Rocket Car, Eating Nails for Breakfast, and the Growing Bacteria Kit.  There are also tons of ideas on the Steve Spangler Science blog as well. You’re sure to find inspiration for your project!