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Boozy Bourbon Brown Sugar Shake

Deliciously boozy bourbon brown sugar shakes

My kids love milkshakes. In fact, they made so many milkshakes and smoothies last summer, their aunt and uncle bought them a milkshake maker for Christmas. That’s all it does — make milkshakes. It’s pretty awesome.

And while the kid shakes are mighty tasty, sometimes mama needs her own Special Shake (and dad — we won’t leave him out.) So when the kids are done for the day, and upstairs asleep, do not judge their parents if we sneak downstairs, steal their Christmas present, and make ourselves a nice, boozy bourbon brown sugar shake. 

boozy bourbon brown sugar shake

I actually got the idea after a school play, when we all went to Sonic and my husband ordered the Bourbon Brown Sugar Shake they have there. And it was tasty. But not terribly bourbon-y (how could it be? I’m pretty sure there are laws about things like serving alcohol at drive-thrus.). So we added a biiiiiiit more when we made them at home. Good stuff.

deliciously boozy bourbon brown sugar shakes

You can use storebought caramel sauce if you’d like, but I just made The Pioneer Woman’s homemade sauce and it didn’t take much time at all. Also, I might’ve licked the pan clean after, which is always a good argument for making stuff from scratch.