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Carolina Pulled Pork, Everyone is doing it.

carolina pulled pork

This is a revival of a past post. This recipe makes me happy. I still giggle and cheer when I see any of my friends proclaim they are making this and it has become a staple in my own home for kid friendly dinners. We may live in Colorado, but Carolina pulled pork is forever in our hearts. 😉


A long time ago a fellow mommy friend posted a recipe for Carolina Pulled Pork. It was a simple recipe for the crock pot that sounded amazing. There were lots of foot notes from past experiences with the recipe including additions, substitutions, and even a few ideas of how to alter the way the “juice” was done. We all felt so privileged to have such a wonderful and handed down recipe posted to our forums.

carolina pulled pork

We all jumped on the bandwagon and bought pork shoulders or pork butts and immediately tested this recipe out. Needles to say, it was AMAZING! We started to crave the delicious blend of pork, apple cider vinegar, Worcestershire sauce, and red pepper flakes. We would fiend for the fragrant aromas to fill our homes. We would talk about it and brag. Messages of “Neener neener, we had pulled pork last night for dinner.” and ” Wow, my house is smelling so good right now!” would bounce through the internet world via forum posts and private IMs.

We decided that this concoction of pork, vinegar, and spices was the equivalent to crack and thus referred to it as such. Mommy Crack was born. We all would post about how yummy our “crack” was and how awesome this recipe was. We were so privileged.

Then one day, a member of the forums came to me with a question about something she found. When she bought her Crockpot, it came with a free recipe book and as she was looking through it, there it was. The recipe for Mommy Crack under the name “Carolina Pulled Pork”.

So maybe we weren’t privileged. So maybe we weren’t the first moms to discover this amazing and addicting dinner recipe. But, we did an amazing job of sharing this recipe with everyone that would listen to us go on (and on and on) about this recipe. And now we share it with you (with our added footnotes of course) because that is how recipes get handed down through the ages. I mean, just look at your Ma’s meatloaf recipe right?

Mommy Crack: Carolina Pulled Pork



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