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You already read for parenting tips, crafts, recipes, reviews, and a dash of humor. Now we are your go-to for things to do around the metro area and across the state! With a focus on free and low-cost events, there’s something on our Calendar page for all ages. You can add events right to […]

Colorado Blogger Workshop November 8th

If you are a blogger, or would like to be, ColoradoMoms is hosting a workshop November 8th in Downtown Denver!

The location is being finalized and we will be announcing that soon, but in the mean time, please help us out by filling out the survey if you are interested in learning more! :)

Meal Planning ~ Tips & Tricks

Gnocchi with Chicken and Sun Dried Tomatoes

Dinner time, the most hated time of day for me. I never seem to know what to make. I need something that will appeal to five different people. The Picky Eater (my 7 yr old), The Pseudo-Vegetarian (my 12 yr old), The Allergic-to-Everything (my 3 yr old) and then my husband and I. I’ve tried the meal prep places like Dream Dinners and they were great for a while, but the hubby thought they were too bland and I couldn’t find time to go down to the store for 3 hours to prep. I also tried recipe apps for my phone and that was okay, but not enough variety. What was I to do?

Nowadays I surf Pinterest for great food ideas and also Over time I’ve found blogs that have great ideas and suggestions and I often poll our forums “What’s for Dinner?” Click through to find 5 tips/tricks I’ve found to help alleviate the stress of meal planning.

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Other boards can be large and overwhelming and get on some pretty debatable topics. While we love a good debate, our forums stand out because we respect everyone’s opinion. Whether you vax, delay vax, anti-vax, circ or anti-circ, cloth v. disposable diapers, love Coke over Pepsi, we truly care about everyone and won’t belittle or bash your opinions. We generally stay away from those hot topics (mostly because we all know Coke is better than Pepsi by now 😉 )

Come on over to the forums and join in the fun! We have some fun challenges like our “15 minute clean up” game and our healthy honeys forums where we can share ideas on how to get fit. We have a crafty forum where we share ideas and how-to’s and much much more.

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Elf on the Shelf (and other crap I do to make my kids behave)

creepy elf on the shelf

I’m sure you’ve all seen the displays at Target and Barnes & Noble, or seen the various facebook updates from your overachieving friends… “Look where Elfie hid today! Johnny is going to be tickled when he finds him!” and “When Suzie was acting up, I simply pointed to our Elf and whispered ‘we should be good for […]

Top 10 Toys for the Holidays – Gift Guide 2011


Yikes! Did you know that it’s only 41 days until Christmas? If you are like me, you try to wait until the day AFTER Thanksgiving to shop and decorate, but the fact is, there are often great deals and sales BEFORE Thanksgiving these days. I’ve been traveling all year to various conferences and toy showcases […]

Made in Colorado – 2011 Holiday Gift Guide


Made in Colorado 2011 Holiday Gift Guide   This year I thought it would be great to feature some local businesses in a gift guide. I, for one, love to support local business, especially ones started by moms. Whether it’s selling crafty items on etsy or owning a wine bar (um, hello! Wine!), Moms are […]

Love Drop is Headed to Colorado!

I’ve been following, donating and trying to help the Love Drop Team for almost a year now. They have helped Autistic kids get therapy dogs, helped countless people down on their luck and now headed to Colorado to help a Fort Collins woman who is fighting her third bout of cancer. My own mother has […]