Hey, Guys! Here’s Some Last-Minute Valentine’s Gifts That Don’t Suck:


  Dear Guys, Valentine’s Day is tomorrow. We know you’re stressing over what to buy us, and it’s not like our birthdays or Christmas where you can just ask us for ideas. It’s supposed to be a romantic surprise, right? Well, the good news is that we’re not really as high maintenance as you think, […]

Score a Free Cup of Joe on National Coffee Day!


Oh Coffee, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways! Whether it’s freshly ground and brewed in my kitchen every morning, an afternoon drive through pick-me-up, or an espresso with dessert at a nice restaurant…it’s just soooo good! Any time, any way, I love the stuff.  So you know I’ll be celebrating by […]

3 Must-Try Recipes for National Grilled Cheese Day

grilled cheese day

Seriously, there is a whole DAY devoted to my favorite sandwich!?  Yes. Yes there is.  There are a few simple pleasures in life. Toasty, buttery bread with melted cheddar, maybe a slice of ham, dunked in a bowl of tomato soup is one of them. But for something different, here are three mouthwatering gourmet combos […]

You Know You’re From Colorado When…

You Know You're From Colorado When

You wear jeans to church, You think the major food groups are granola bars, tofu and Fat Tire Beer. You design your kid’s Halloween costume to fit over a snowsuit. April showers bring May blizzards. You know where the real ‘South Park’ is. You’ve gone skiing in July. You’ve gone sunbathing in January. They were […]

Impotent Monkeys in Colorado

impotent monkey

Wait, what?! Yeah, you read that right. So totally not related to anything, but I was at a great event last night with the Mile High Mamas crew. When the girls get together, who knows what we will start talking about. Impotent Monkeys apparently.

Started out innocently enough. The birthday gal Rajean was talking to me about wine. I love me some wine. I was telling her about how my new love is for “unoaked chards” and how I didn’t even know what that meant, but they taste devine! Then it reminded me of a wine that I love that’s local to Colorado.

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Would You Rather… Cleaning Lady or Gym Membership?


No, this isn’t going to be one of those pick from two equally gross or impossible tasks, this is about things mom’s would love.

Recently, in a facebook group of mine, the argument was posed… Cleaning Lady or Gym/Rec Center membership.

If you could only pick one, and they were the same cost (and in your budget) which would you pick?

Click through to read my answer… and my love of smoothies.

Angry Birds Hat {Geeky Chic} Pattern Added!

angry birds hand knit hat

Who doesn’t love Angry Birds?! I’m pretty sure just about everyone has played the addictive game, or at least heard of it. My kids are a bit obsessed. We have the game on our iphones, ipods, ipads, droids and laptops. We have Angry Birds shirts, stuffed animals and card games. Last week, I took our obsession one step further and made an Angry Birds Hat.

Click through to see the photos and the newly added FREE knitting pattern!

Who Does the Grocery Shopping?


I have been under some stress lately. Some due to taking on too many projects, some due to raising three boys, some due to the fact that I’m a “Bossy McBosser Pants” (according to my seven year old). My husband asked how he could help relieve some of the stress around here. I contemplated this for a while.

After turning down my requests for a chef, nanny, full time housekeeper, driver and butler (C’mon! How cool would it be to have a BUTLER?!) I settled on the one thing that causes me the most stress.

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Who Wouldn’t Want Creepy Hands on Your Newborn?!

photo credit - pregnancystore.com

I was surfing the net, researching things for an upcoming article (i.e. shopping on amazon for Christmas presents for myself) and listening to Bieber’s Mistletoe album (don’t judge!). When all of a sudden, I’m brought to a picture of the a super adorable baby with disembodied, creepy hands all over. Wait, WTH?!

Elf on the Shelf (and other crap I do to make my kids behave)

creepy elf on the shelf

I’m sure you’ve all seen the displays at Target and Barnes & Noble, or seen the various facebook updates from your overachieving friends… “Look where Elfie hid today! Johnny is going to be tickled when he finds him!” and “When Suzie was acting up, I simply pointed to our Elf and whispered ‘we should be good for […]