Introducing CORE by Origami Owl #FashionFriday

core necklace charms by origami owl

I’m always searching for that perfect “everyday” necklace. I don’t just want it to be 1 charm on a chain, or have so many that you feel like your necklace is weighing you down. Something delicate, but with meaning. I have ones with the boys birthstones, their names or initials, ones to celebrate my pride […]

The Toyota Sienna Saved our Sanity During Our Road Trip

Toyota Sienna Review

Imagine a road trip with your family. Husband, Wife, three boys ages 6 to 15. Throw in a special needs kiddo and the fact the husband has to work for 24+ hours the day before you leave. Your destination is 800 miles away. In between you and your destination? The entire state of Kansas. Sounds […]

Food: Our Global Kitchen at History Colorado Center


If you’ve never been to History Colorado Center, Denver’s newest museum, I highly suggest a visit. Located right by the State Capitol at 12th and Broadway, this amazing museum is chock full of hands-on exhibits and activities, taking you through Colorado’s heritage from the early Native American tribes who called it home, to the mining boom […]

Tasty Tuesday: Farm-to-Table Cooking with Auguste Escoffier School

chef angela

Recently, I was invited to check out a Home Cook course at Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts in Boulder, and I had such a tough time choosing. They offer a really wide variety of classes and all the sample menus sounded so delicious! But, I finally decided on their Spring Farm to Table class. […]

Godzilla Movie Review and DIY Craft & Party Supplies

Godzilla DIY Craft & Party Supplies

A while back, my Godzilla obsessed middle boy (who is nearly 10 now) drew a picture of Godzilla v. Mothra and said simply, “Knit this for me.” After scoring various websites, I found suitable patterns to alter into these radioactive creatures.    I found this pattern at Knitting at Knoon and modified the T-Rex to […]

Sleep Tips for Kids for the Holiday Season


I have three types of sleepers in this house. My oldest can sleep anywhere, anytime. It would take an explosion to wake him up in the morning, especially when he’s on break from school. My middle boy is my night owl. He’s the one who will wait up past midnight hoping to get a glimpse […]

Back to School with Office Depot Rewards


My kids start school next week! Hard to believe our summer is coming to an end. My favorite part of back to school time is the shopping though, so this week I was in heaven! School supplies, clothes, shoes, oh my! The supplies, oh the supplies. Pens, pencils, notebooks, I love office supplies so it […]