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Chewbacca Inspired Fashion (Perfect for Comic Con!)

I’m sure by now you’ve all seen the viral laughing Chewbacca mask video that stole the hearts of many over the weekend. Her infectious laugh inspired me to dig up my Chewbacca fashion set to share with all of you. Whether you are going to Denver Comic Con or a costume party, you can still look stylish, while being in character! No big fuzzy costumes needed. Just some fur and fun accessories! 

Star Wars - Chewbacca

I’ve found some similar items on Amazon to share with you in case you were putting together your own Chewbacca inspired look. (please note, these are affiliate links)

Fur Vest

Fur Boots

Chewbacca Messenger Bag

Brown Leather Pants

Those are just a few ideas to get you started! 

And here is a link to that infamous Chewbacca mask in case you’d like to get one for yourself! 

Chewbacca Inspired Fashion