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Cholaca Cheers with Sprouts!

Recently, Sprouts invited me to participate in a fun event at Cholaca headquarters in Boulder, Colorado. It was a great event filled with fun, friends and most importantly, Cholaca!


What is Cholaca? 

Cholaca is pure liquid cacao made from one of the planet’s most nutrient-rich superfoods. This delicious ingredient, available as a liquid or in baking wafer form, is also a natural stimulant and mood enhancer, and can be enjoyed on its own, or is also easily used in recipes.  

It has tons of health benefits as it is the richest source of flavonoids, iron and magnesium and also has the highest levels of antioxidants of any food.

It’s a natural stimulant, you feel energized and ready to start the day. I felt like I had a couple of espresso’s by the end of the night. I kept forgetting it’s a sipping chocolate and, well, got a smidge hyper!

Cholaca has regeneration properties as well. It prevents pre-mature aging, cellular healing, and improves blood flow. The best part, it’s naturally gluten and dairy free and paleo friendly!

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The event was so fun learning how to make an all natural sugar scrub, learning that you can use Cholaca in baking and even making fun Hot Chocolate! 

Cholaca is available in the refrigerated section at Sprouts. I highly recommend picking up a couple of bottles and using them in coffee to make homemade mochas! Simply delicious! 

disclosure: I received samples of Cholaca at the event. All opinions are mine and honest.