You all know how much I love toys and, so when Chris (@TheToyGuy) told me he was coming to Denver for a 1 day media blitz, I was all up in his business begging to tag along! I’ve always been so scared of video, vlogging, news stations, etc. I realized it was mostly because I didn’t know how all that worked. So thankfully he said yes and I was off to meet him at his first stop of the day. 9News.

I got up at 4:30am. By the way, had no idea previously that people actually got up this early, let alone on purpose! I got dolled up (well, dolled up for Colorado, still rocked my jeans 😉 ) and out the door! This is what 5:00 AM looks like in Denver…
A Day in the Life of @TheToyGuy

Once at 9News Chris (TheToyGuy), the PR Escort and I went in and started setting up. Chris travels about 50% of the time, he told me, so he was an expert at exactly how, when and where to set up the toys. All of the people at 9News just loved him and loved having him back! Once in the studio it’s a cell phone free zone, but I snuck a picture of Kyle Dyer and Gary Shapiro doing their thing. Top Stories, weather checks and when the camera’s weren’t on them, they were checking the news wire and even came over to see what Chris had in store. Kyle loved the Kaos Water Balloon launcher!
A Day in the Life of @TheToyGuy

Greg Moss was the one to interview Chris and once he came over to the table, he couldn’t resist putting one of the Toobers & Zots crowns on. Chris was so animated once the cameras started rolling, I wondered just how many coffee’s he had that morning! I had 2 and was still yawning. 😉 Goes to show who the Pro is right?! (sorry for the blurry pic, my phone was tired too.)
A Day in the Life of @TheToyGuy

Here is the video of Chris’ appearance on 9News

After the segment Chris packed up and we moved on to the next station. CW2/Fox31 are both in the same building, so 2 birds, one stone… we were off! But not before snapping this pic of Chris and I. 😉
A Day in the Life of @thetoyguy

Once at CW Channel 2 we set off to set up. The Everyday Show tapes in this studio too, and I’m such a huge Parente fan, I just had to snap a pic of their set.
A Day in the Life of @TheToyGuy

What a huge surprise it was for me when Parente himself walked by me. Not just once, but a few times. Each time, I was too star struck to ask for his picture with me. LOL I didn’t want to bother him while he was working, but let me tell you, no matter how cute you think he is on TV?! 1,000 times hotter in person. Seriously people. Not even exaggerating in the least.

Okay, focus here Emily… Back to the reason I was there! The Toy Guy! So Angie Austin (who is so tiny and cute as a button!) did the segment with Chris and it was a lot of fun. She too wore a Toobers & Zotz hat and really got into the toys that were being shown.
A Day in the Life of @TheToyGuy

As soon as it was set up, it was done. Off to the next one! Luckily, just down the hall… Fox 31. The gals producing the show got a real kick out of the bubble football and Mike Headrick was the one interviewing Chris. I really admire him as he, like myself, has 3 boys! He just got his baby girl a few months ago as kid #4! He was ever the proud father talking about his kids.

Here is a clip from the Fox 31 show!
So that was my day! Chris is so fun to be around and every person we came into contact with, not only loved him but loved all the toys as well! Watching him make TV look easy and effortless should have calmed my own nerves about it, but he’s been doing this longer than I. I am glad I picked (read: begged) him to be my mentor for the day as I learned more than I could have just googling about it from home.

To keep up with Chris and the hot toys any time of year, head over to
full disclosure: I also write for I was not asked to post this, I just love what I do so much that I wanted to show you all a behind the scenes look at what goes on during a media tour.

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