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I can’t believe a whole week has FLOWN by! It’s Friday again and time for my favorite things! :)

This week has been my new BFF. I wanted to start getting creative about dinners and make them more kid friendly. saved the day, er, dinner, many times this week!

Another thing I love this week is Parenting Magazine. Not even for the magazine, but when I bought my recent subscription, then sent me the cutest Vera Bradly style tote! it’s tiny and perfect for carrying my knitting project to the kids practices, school pick-up lines and my crafty nights!

Apple Computer and also need to get shout outs this week! Chewy drew all over my laptop (in addition to the sofa as pictured here… and all the ink came off, even off the screen! I had a pink decal on the macbook pro that even after cleaning, I still wasn’t stoked with, so I ordered a new one from DecalGirl and it came quick and is super cute! It’s this one in case you are wondering – W&B Fleur.

I’d like to thank Starbucks for making such yummy drinks and for bringing back the Pumpkin Spice Latte earlier than ever this year! :) And thanks to SwagBucks who gave me a $10 gift card to Starbucks just for searching with them vs. google!

Short list this week as I’ve spent most of my time on the soccer field with T, in Karate class with C (or Ninja class as he calls it) and at home for Chewy’s therapies. It’s been a busy busy week!


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