Well, we are more than halfway through summer vacation! I’m happy, I’m sad, I’m not drunk enough. The Back to School ads have already started and some schools have only just recently got out! We’ve been done for a while, since May 21st! BUT we start wicked early too, August 12th. Eeks! That’s only 4.5 weeks away! We still have vacations to ship the oldest boy on, baseball games and museums to go to locally and swim lessons and rocket camp to conquer!

The pro’s of summer in my book are:
sleeping in
not having to be a human taxi every day
sleeping in
sending the kids outside to play when they bug me
sleeping in
getting to go on vacations, check out local things like the zoo and parks and Water World
sleeping in

The con’s:
kids are “sooooooo booooooooreeeeed” even stating this when just returning from a fun filled 5 days to San Diego.
the kids stay up late every night
I have to figure out a way to keep them entertained all day.

Some things we have planned for the rest of their vacation are:
Trip to Wings over the Rockies Museum
Oldest boy is going to the OshKosh Air Show with his PaPa
Middle has swim lessons for a couple weeks.
Rocket camp
Zoo Trip
Water World Trip
Rockies Games (or 2 or 3)
…and a big end of the Summer Bash/Birthday Party for the middle kid.

And to think I thought I’d just lounge around with the kindle and a glass of wine for 4 weeks.



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