Housework SucksNo really, it does. All those SuperMoms out there who “LOVE” it are liars and cheats. Now I should preface this post with a confession. I have housekeepers. Not the live-in, clean everyday type, but a Mom & Daughter team that comes and rescues me every other week from my messy brood and cluttered kingdom. My husbands co-worker told him, when he first started working for the group, “Have these gals come clean for you. Your wife will love it!” He’s right, I do. And it only took me about 9 months before I stopped cleaning BEFORE the cleaning gals showed up. LOL I had a sickness where I was embarrassed for the people who clean houses FOR A LIVING, to see my house messy. WTH? Yeah, so over that now!

Anyway, I woke up today with the best of intentions to make my house sparkle! When the boys were eating breakfast, I loaded and unloaded the dishwasher! I started a load of laundry, even cleaned my desk in my office. For real cleaned too. Not just move one pile from here to there and then run away. I went through my stack of coupons, posted on twitter about a giveaway, did the same in the forums, hell, I even vacuumed the family room! Oh Snap! Then Chewy had his speech and occupational therapies and he dropped cookie crumbs everywhere, made foot prints on my floors, even was so nice to yak on on the carpet at the top of the steps. DH is doing yardwork this week (it takes a full week to weed/trim/mow/cut back etc, the 1.5 acres we have) so there are grass clippings everywhere. Now I know when the kids get home, there will be pebbles and wood chips all over as well. Seriously, do schools do that to pay us back for making them shape the minds of our little brats children? They must sit back and think “Billy was extra trouble today, lets fill his shoes with tiny rocks that scratch up nice Teak hardwoods to piss off his mom!” I mean, who really thinks these tiny ass pebbles are a good idea??!

Sorry, sidetracked for a moment there… Where was I? Ah yes, my clean house now looks like crap all over again. And in record time too. So I wonder why even bother. If I had just sat on my arse eating bon-bons and playing bejewelled on Facebook, like DH thinks I do all day, instead of cleaning, how much messier would it really be now than after all that work I did? I think not much. So tomorrow I shall declare it “Don’t Do Crap Around the House Day!” and sit and eat bon-bons and catch up on some Cake Boss. 😉

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