$#!t! Ooooh boy, he’s lucky his daddy had to work all night so I couldn’t be loud when I found this…

This is only one of the 5 (FIVE!) cushions he colored on. Just last week he drew a nice picture on my off white dining room chair (yes, I’m a masochist for owning such lightly colored furniture with 3 boys). I was in the office, tweeting with Chewy playing with his fake laptop at my feet. He signs “more milk” and goes off. A couple minutes later, he’s back in the office with his bottle and hands me a pen. Uh-Oh.

Now pause… Before you say “well you weren’t watching your kid, I’m surprised he didn’t burn the house down with your neglect!”, let me interrupt you by saying, I’m a mom of 3 boys. Ages 2.5 – 11 yrs old. They’ve done it all, I’ve seen it all. I could have been right next to him on the sofa and he still would have drawn on it. Trust me, I pop out mischevious brats darlings and encourage their curiosity (ie, ignore them every chance I get).

Anyway… Sir Google said to use rubbing alcohol. Thankfully I had a bottle on my desk from the great tattoo incident of Summer 2010, so it was handy, albeit a bit low on liquid. Well I’ll be a monkeys uncle! It worked! It’s drying now so I can’t tell if the first pass got rid of it completely, but it’s enough to blend in with the sharpie my 6 yr old gave it a couple years ago and the kool aid stains from the 11 yr old before that. Man I love MicroSuede!

Here is a picture of the culprit… What you can’t see is that his legs are colored with the same markings he gave the sofa. If he didn’t have his therapists coming in 5 minutes, he’d be thrown in the tub.
what me worry?

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