If you are like me, you wait until the last possible minute to think of something fun to make for family and friends. I can’t very well start a blanket that will take me a month to knit with just weeks to go before the Holidays. I’ve got to think smaller.

5 Quick Holiday Knits
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Here are 5 great knitting projects I’ve found that would make amazing handmade holiday gifts. Impress your friends with your mad knitting skillz on these quick & easy patterns!

The GAPtastic Cowl! I’ve made a couple of these. They knit up quickly and look just as nice as the “real” GAP scarves. Even better, in my opinion!

How about an ornament to show your love of yarn?! I think I’ll need to make a few of these for friends and for my own tree!


What post would be complete without pimpin my own pattern?! 😉 Why not knit a hoodie for your iPhone!

iphoodie knit sweater for your iphone pattern
Doesn’t my iPhone look all cozy & warm?!

If my phone is warm and cozy, shouldn’t my coffee get the same privilege? A great way to use up stash yarn or play with some funky colors!


This knit Octopus that is begging me to make him for Brady for Christmas. I don’t know what’s cuter, the octopus or the little boy modeling it!


Do you Crochet instead? Check my post on my 3 Quick & Easy Crochet Patterns!



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