A Buh-Nee for Brady (with link to knitting pattern)

I’ve been knitting again. It’s super therapeutic for me. Watch some cheesy chick flick while knitting. Makes my stress melt away.

My best friend Kate and I went to Fort Collins recently to visit The Loopy Ewe and My Sister Knits. The first is yarn heaven as it has aisles and aisles of super yummy, soft, gorgeous yarn. The 2nd is my new favorite shop. My Sister Knits is this cute carriage house behind a house on an picture perfect street (with a trolly!). They have chickens in a coop outside and once you step inside you feel like you just got home. Warm and cozy with some fancy yarn and a loft with even more yarn and hidden doors with even MORE yarn. Patterns and books… I could go on and on.

I found my favorite Spud and Chloe yarn and was excited to make something. Only I had no idea what to make. Brady’s best friend, Kate’s son, Brody (yes, we named the Brady and Brody and yes they are only a month apart in age. It’s cute. Stop rolling your eyes. 😉 ) has a bunny Kate made on vacation last year named, “ChickenButt”. You know, as in Guess What? ChickenButt. Brady loved that bunny and I showed him a million other things I could knit but he said simply, “Buh-Nee.”

Floored that he could even say the word (YAY for hours upon hours of therapy for his speech apraxia) I set off to knit his Buh-Nee. After a couple of weeks (I got side tracked) it was complete. I present to you… Buh-Nee!

Knit Bunny with Pattern

Knit Bunny with Pattern

Knit Bunny with Pattern

The pattern is “Nummy Bunny” by Nancy Anderson. You can find it on Ravelry (I”m ‘ColoradoMoms‘ on there if you want to friend me!)

I knit this with Spud & Chloe sweater yarn on size 5 dpn’s. For the tail I used some rosey pink pure angora yarn. Brady loves to blow on people’s hair so I made it extra big and flowy for him to blow on. He cracks up every time he does.


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    Buh-nee boy is beyond adorable, and I also love his Buh-nee. So nice to see how the photo of the yarn you sent out was turned into this adorable creation. You have an amazing talent – will you tutor me?

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    LOVE!!! Brody (who we were SURE was a girl and was going to be Sydney!!) says it’s cute, too. 😀 We just had a birthday party for ChickenButt… I think there’s a whole post in that.

    Best toy pattern EVER!

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