Crochet a Hat this Winter! #CraftyCrap

I’m bi-crafty. I knit. I crochet. Some knitters can’t crochet and some crocheters can’t knit, but I love both and highly suggest learning one if you do the other!

Case in point… Knitting a hat takes me days. Maybe even weeks if I get bored or the kids keep bugging me, but crocheting a hat… I can whip one out in just under 2 hours. On the flip side, knitting a stuffed animal or toy, to me, looks more classic and polished knit vs. crochet. Hence why I do both. :)

So my latest obsession is Playin Hooky Designs. If you crochet, or want to learn, I highly suggest following her on facebook and the twitters too. Almost every day she is posting a new hat she’s whipped up, or sharing a pattern she’s created. Amazeballs! She’s also in Colorado, so now I need to take my stalking to the streets (wait this sounds creepy) and see about a hook-up… get it… crochet hooks?! Yeah, the hubs groaned at that one too. 

Anywho, Hooky (as I call her for short) is all over ravelry and has a great free pattern that I finally downloaded and made. I’m LOVING this pattern! Check out Brady in his new hats!

Crochet Hats for Winter at ColoradoMoms

If you want to learn the basics of how to crochet, check out my video tutorial that will leave you with the basics of crochet (and a nifty washcloth!). I will do a hat tutorial soon, but in the mean time, check out the tutorials at HowCast. :)

Happy Hookin!


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