Ever wanted to learn a new craft? I’m starting to post more and more crafty things like knit and crocheted items and soon will be posting patterns I’ve written. While a lot of my readers may already know how to knit and crochet, I’m sure a fair amount of you haven’t tried it yet, so I’m here to help.

I use crochet  to relax. In the beginning, when you are first picking up a hook and some yarn, it might not seem so serene and calming, but after a bit of practice, it can be quite the soothing craft. I crochet while watching a movie with my family or waiting in the car pool line at the school. I love to bundle up under a warm blanket and crochet when it’s snowing outside as well, which, living in Colorado, I get plenty of chances for during the winter and spring.

Instead of just telling you how to crochet and pointing you to some books, I’ve made a series of videos that will have you going from just learning what a crochet hook is, to completing a washcloth (or dishcloth as I love to use these in the kitchen). In the future, I’ll have a video on how to make a scarf, cowl, headband and possibly a baby blanket. If there is something you’d love to learn how to make, comment below and I can either find a pattern for you or show you how to make it.

I do hope you enjoy this as much as I do and forgive the terrible state my hands are in, in the videos. I am a mom to three VERY possessed rambunctious boys, so no time for a manicure!

Materials needed:
basic cotton yarn (found at most hobby/craft stores)
size H8 or I9 crochet hook
yarn needle

How to Crochet: Step 1 – Basic Chain

How to Crochet: Step 2 – Single Crochet

How to Crochet: Step 3 – Double and Half Double Crochet

How to Crochet: Step 4 – Make a Washcloth (or dishcloth)

how to crochet a washcloth

Pattern for washcloth:

chain 22
row 1 – half double crochet (HDC) in 3rd chain from hook. HDC in remaining chains across to end. turn.
row 2 – chain 2 and HDC in each stitch across. turn.
repeat row 2 until your cloth measures 6 inches or the size you would like.



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