5 Last Minute Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Father’s Day is just around the corner, as in I have exactly 3 days to figure out what to do for my husband! ACK! Once again, Pinterest.com comes to my rescue. Oh Pinterest, you know me so well, showing your pretty pictures of crafts and home dec I say I will make, but never do. This time, though, I’m determined to make a few of these Father’s Day gift ideas. Even my boys are excited to get started. They especially want to help me make anything that has to do with candy.

Let’s start off with something easy to pull together at the last minute! A car wash kit. All you need is a few basic cleaning supplies, a tub and you are good to go!


Next, let’s dive into candy my kids have been begging for. Here is a cute idea to write a story about dad using his favorite chocolate and candy bars. (Just make sure you buy fresh ones, no need to give dad that leftover Easter candy I know you still have in your pantry.) ;)


This next one had me giggling and nodding my head. I am soooo making something similar to this for my dad. From me, not the kids! If you don’t want to make it, simply visit JulieAnnArt on Etsy to purchase your own. Check out her other adorable cards while you are there (and I promise you will laugh out loud at most of them)!


Dad is a hero, right?! Why not treat him as such with his own line of super hero snacks! Check out this adorable lineup and downloadable printables from AlphaMom.


Last but not least, what is Father’s day without some ties, right?! Here is a free printable set from Amanda’s Parties To Go! (and um, hello you HAVE to make those bacon cupcakes! Yes, BACON cupcakes my friend.)


There you have it. Pinterest saves the day again. Now I’m off to the store for some bacon. mmmmmmm bacon. 5 Last MInute Father's Day Ideas


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    Love all, but ESP. The candy board. I went to a baby shower that featured a game sort of similar and the right guess of candy name won the candy.

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