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Crochet Beard and Viking Hat Patterns

This blog post is from our old sister site MommyNeedsABreak. We hope you enjoy it as much as that community did! 

Because if you are 8 years old, why would you NOT have a red curly beard? I mean, duh!

I like to knit and crochet odd things. Fish hats that look like they are eating my kids head, salamander bookmarks that leave them flat and squished, a sweater for my iPhone, etc. etc. So when I saw this hat and beard on Ravelry?! I stopped everything I was doing that day and made it.

Crochet Viking Hats and Beards


Aren’t they awesome?! Yes, that’s me at the end. Hey, it was 10pm, I was wrapping Christmas presents and may have had one eggnog too much. 😉

To get the pattern for the Viking Hat check out Lael Viking Helmet.

The beard pattern is found here – Child’s Burly Beard and Moustache.

And the Lumberjack hat I got from Playin Hooky Designs.