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Crocheted Organic Cotton Washcloths

Crochet is the new Knitting. No?! Well, it should be anyway. I love knit items and love to design things with knitting, but crochet is something I can do in my sleep.

I found this super cute washcloth pattern on ravelry years ago. I made a couple but they just sat in my “things I made and are pretty so I just like to look at them” pile. Lately Brady has been breaking out more from the bath and I thought it might be due to the scratchy washcloths. I whipped up these three during the premier of The Bachelor (don’t judge, I know it never works out but it’s soooooo addictive!).

crochet washcloths

Here is the pattern on Ravelry. If you haven’t joined, you should. It’s an amazing resource for all things yarn. It’s quite addicting if you are as yarn obsessed as I am. 😉

crochet washcloths