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I Knit a Dead Fish Hat & Forced My Kid to Wear It.

I love knitting. It really calms me down when the kids are driving me crazy or I’m stressed out about writing or deadlines. I knit all sorts of things, coffee sleeves, iPhone sweaters, little stuffed animals for the kids. I’ve even knit Godzilla and Mothra.

You can find me on Ravelry, I’m “CoffeeBra” on there. Weird name, I know, but there is a story behind it. I’ll keep this short. 😉

So when I lived down in Morrison, we had a group of moms from our forums who would get together once a week for coffee and knitting and gossip every Tuesday night. I wanted to knit something to sell. After too much caffeine one night Knitschmidt said “coffee and bras”, so the CoffeeBra was born. LOL After knitting and selling over 50 of them, I burnt out. I was over it, but the name stuck. Now I don’t knit things to sell anymore, but I do share my patterns on Ravelry. I have 3 free patterns there, The Skater Baby Brim Hat, Mama Needs a New Hat cable knit and iPhoodie iPhone/iPod case. I hope to add more patterns this winter.

So now, back to the dead fish hat. Knitschmidt made one for her daughter and I LOVED it! I wanted one for myself. It’s soooo super cute. I knit it out of superwash wool so it’s soft, super warm, and washable, perfect for a 3 yr old! After I finished knitting, I had to chase the toddler around with a camera to try to get pictures.


I want to make another one. Maybe a shark version or one that maybe is a little more alive looking. Now that it’s getting colder, my boys could use another crazy knit hat. 😉



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