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Delicious Festive Cranberry Moscow Mules

Heeey — so how’s everybody doing? Emerging from your turkey coma okay? Ready to head into Christmas? We’re headed to the mountains tomorrow to cut down a tree, which is huge fun. But I don’t know if you’ve noticed, our Colorado trees are…unique. Sparse. They’re sparse. And the kids and I always go overboard trying to decorate it so its branches droop dangerously and it looks very Charlie Brown-y. It’s a tricky, tricky business.

So my friend was in town for Thanksgiving and we did some serious experimenting with festive cocktails to serve. We tried a bunch, because we’re givers, and this was by far our favorite. I feel like cranberry and ginger are just the right kind of holiday taste. And they’re green and red. Just right to fit in with a holiday color scheme.


You could make up the mix for these ahead of time, and just save the ginger beer to add at the last minute so it doesn’t get flat.

Also, we used ginger beer which definitely has a stronger taste than ginger ale. My kids call it “spicy,” which is the closest I can get to describing it. So if you don’t want a sharper taste like that, use ginger ale instead. But I really liked it with ginger beer.