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Denver Zoo Giraffe Encounter, Presented by Toyota

Denver Zoo Giraffe Encounter

Giraffes. Super calm, tall, gorgeous, curious creatures. One of my favorites to visit at the zoo. I was recently invited to participate in a preview of an amazing new experience that opened this past week at the Denver Zoo. Toyota is a long time sponsor of the Denver Zoo and I work with them on a few car reviews and projects so when they asked if I wanted the chance to get up close and personal with the Giraffes and feed them, I jumped at the chance. 

Giraffe Encounter, Made Possible By Toyota, will allow guests to bond with the Zoo’s reticulated giraffes from within their exhibit throughout the day. During three feeding hours, between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., guests can purchase lettuce to feed to resident giraffes Dikembe, Kipele, Masika and Heshimu. Staff members and volunteers will also be present to facilitate educational interpretation of giraffes and their behavior. This opportunity will be available daily, weather permitting.

Toyota Giraffe Encounter Denver Zoo

It was so fun getting up close and personal with these amazing animals. There were a few other bloggers there with their families and the kids and adults were both just as enthralled and engaged! A few of us took selfies with the giraffes, because, come on. Giraffe selfies?! The best. well, not so much for those of who are too short to get a good shot.Toyota Giraffe Encounter Denver Zoo

But, I also learned something. I apparently have an irrational fear of giraffes being that close to my head. o.O 

Denver Zoo Giraffe Encounter Presented by Toyota

Sometimes people have some really strange fears. On the show The Bachelorette (Yes, I watch, don’t judge! lol) Kaitlyn is super afraid of birds. Even pigeons! I have always been afraid of being up close to horses, or to have large animals behind me. Anything bigger than a Golden Retriever. If my back is to it, I kind of freak out a little inside. Little did I know I would have this with Giraffes! 

No, I’m not truly afraid of them and all four were so gentle and amazing and it was an incredible experience to get to interact with these majestic animals, but it did make for some hilarious antics and jokes with my friends. 

You can read more about the Giraffe Encounter, presented by Toyota, on the Denver Zoo website as well as over at

disclosure: I was given an opportunity to attend a private media event. No monetary compensation was made. All opinions are my own. Also, giraffe selfies are the best. 😉



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