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DIY Burlap Coffee Sack Banner {Tutorial}

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Earlier this Spring, I went on the hunt for burlap coffee sacks for my garden. I use them to line the bottom of my raised bed for drainage and weed barrier, to filter sunlight coming in from the south side of the yard, and this year I wanted to try my hand at growing potatoes in them. I found a local roaster who was willing to let me grab whatever I needed before they went out with the trash that week, and I *might* have grabbed a few more than I actually needed. In my defense, there was a huge pallet full of them that were just going to be thrown away…I was being eco-friendly! 

So of course I had to find something to do with all this burlap!

We have a huge family, and that means one birthday party after another, so I turned my stash of rescued coffee sacks into a few cute banners for all the parties. 

It’s super-simple and basically free, if you can find a roaster who’ll give you the sacks (just call and ask a few!) and if you have a few general craft supplies already. 

What You Need:

Burlap coffee sack (one sack is enough for several banners)

Heavy paper or card stock




Acrylic paint

Sponge paint brushes or kitchen sponges 

Hot glue + gun


How To:

1. Cut open the coffee sack along the two stitched edges (the top should already be open), so it lays flat as one large piece of fabric.

2. Cut a triangle from the card stock to use as a template. Trace the template onto the burlap with chalk, alternating point up and down so they fit nicely together (I used red marker so you could see it in the photos, but chalk will dust right off and won’t be visible on the finished product.) Cut as many triangles as you need to spell your message: one for each letter, and a few extras for symbols or embellishments.

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3. Place the stencil on a burlap triangle and center the image. Pour a bit of acrylic paint onto a paper plate and begin dabbing paint inside the stencil with the sponge. Repeat.

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4. When paint is dry, lay the triangles out in reverse order and with the wrong side facing up. Run a bead of glue near the top edge of each triangle, one at a time, and wiggle the yarn down into the glue. Hold the yarn taut for a moment to allow to the glue to cool and set. Repeat. 

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5. Hang your banner for your next party or gathering!

You can watch the video tutorial from FOX 31’s Good Day Colorado here: DIY For Dollars: How to Make a Personalised Party Banner
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