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DIY Glitter Sidewalk Paint

sidewalk paint
It doesn’t seem to matter how old my kids get, there is something alluring about sidewalk chalk.We found a way to make it even more exciting, and you can whip it up yourself from items you probably already have in the pantry. If not, they can be found at almost any grocery or dollar store. And for good measure, we added a bit of sparkle! It washes right off with the hose, or one of our famous 5-minute Colorado thunderstorms.

You Will Need: 

Muffin tin or paper cups

Cornstarch (you can also use cornstarch-based baby powder)


Food Coloring


Large paint brushes 

How To: 

Mix one part cornstarch to one part water in a cup. I start with about 2 Tbsp each. Add 6-8 drops of food coloring and a few shakes of glitter to each cup, and stir well. You can match the glitter to the food color, or simply use silver in every color. 

The only caveat: Red food color seems to linger on the concrete longer than the other shades. Go light on the amount of color if you use red (4-5 drops), and expect it to take a few days to rinse away/fade. It will come off, though. Promise! While I haven’t experienced staining on my own kids’ clothes, you may want to have them wear old clothes just in case.



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