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DIY Lace Trimmed Accent Mirror (Tutorial)


Accent mirrors are such a pretty, modern touch to any room. They bring in more light, give the illusion of a bigger space, and add interest to a blank wall. I love the look of several mirrors of different shapes and sizes clustered together or mixed in among framed photos or artwork.

The only problem is, those pretty little accent mirrors can get expensive! I’ve seen them at Pottery Barn, Anthropologie, and similar stores for upwards of $200. A bit out of my budget! But not to worry. Have hot glue gun, will travel. Here’s how I got my style fix for about 1/30 of the price:

What you need:

Cheap framed mirror (I got mine at Dollar Tree, you could check thrift stores or one-off stores, too, for something a bit more sturdy.)

3-Dimensional lace trim (look for it by the yard or by the spool at craft/fabric stores, any design that suits your fancy. Just make sure it has some dimension to it, flat lace won’t have as much of a visual effect.) You could even use cheap strands of plastic beads, or any other trim that really speaks to you.

Spray paint (I went with a gold metallic, but choose any color that goes with your decor. Neons, metallics, and white are especially on-trend right now.)

Hot glue gun & glue sticks

Masking tape


How To:

1. Prep your mirror by taping the edge of the glass near the frame. Make sure to go as close to the frame as possible without taping on the frame, so that you have a nice clean edge. If you’re a spray paint klutz like me, you should probably cover the entire mirror with newspaper and then tape the edges. 

mirror (1 of 4)

2. Spray paint the frame and allow to dry several hours.

mirror (2 of 4) - Copy

(Yes, that’s my blue muppet hand. I didn’t want to ruin my fresh manicure with spray paint! No, I’m not left-handed. Yes, it is rather difficult to snap a photo with one hand and pretend-paint with the other.)

3. On a protected surface, unroll the lace trim and cut into a few long strips (you know, instead of trying to paint 6 feet of trim in a straight line. Voice of experience, here.) Allow to dry several hours.

mirror (3 of 4) - Copy

4. Once paint is dry on both the mirror frame and trim, use the hot glue gun to tack the lace to the frame

mirror (4 of 4)

5. Remove hot glue “strings”, and wipe away any tape residue or smudges with window cleaner.

6. Hang as an accent mirror among other wall art, prop on your dresser or vanity, or make several of these in various shapes/sizes, using different patterned trim or shades of paint, for an eclectic but cohesive look.

You can view the video tutorial from FOX 31’s Good Day Colorado here: DIY For Dollars: How to Make Vintage Decor For Half the Price
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