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DIY Upcycled T-shirt Bulletin Board

  Need a last minute gift for Dad? Check out this easy, thrifty craft that takes an old grungy shirt and makes it new again! 

bulletin board

You will need:

Cork tile or bulletin board Graphic T-shirt or patterned dress shirt Mod Podge Scissors

How To: 

1. Lay shirt out flat. Center the design in the middle of the cork board and cut around the board leaving approx. 1 inch border.  2. Paint the cork surface with a thin, even layer of Mod Podge 3. Press shirt fabric onto Mod Podge, smoothing wrinkles and pulling gently to straighten out the design. 4. Paint a 1 inch border of Mod Podge along the edge on the reverse side of the cork board and press fabric edges down to adhere. Miter corners of fabric and trim away excess so that the corners lay flat. 5. Allow to dry 24 hrs before hanging or using tacks. Hang with double-sided mounting tape (many smaller cork boards come with mounting squares) Optional: Using a strong, all-purpose glue such as E-6000, attach shirt buttons or small baubles to flat thumb tacks.  Need more ideas? Here are 5 more great Father’s Day gift ideas that you can make in minutes!



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