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Easy Crochet Wolf and Fox Blanket Pattern

My boys love it when I make them things. I’m constantly knitting or crocheting or sewing something for them. My younger two like to put in requests like, “Can you knit me a fire breathing dragon, only it needs to be HUGE and orange!” Okay, sure. And a dragon was knit.

“How about Godzilla and Mothra!” Sure. Easy.

“We had so much fun at the Great Wolf Lodge, can you make a wolf blanket?” Umm… 

After a quick search on ravelry, a wolf blanket pattern was found. Bonus, you can change it up to look like a fox too! I’m currently obsessed with foxes so it was a no-brainer.

After a weekend of crocheting and binging netflix, a wolf blanket was complete… And now my boys can start thinking of other random things for me to make them. 

DIY Crochet Wolf Blanket


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