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Easy Pencil Valentine’s Day Cards

I love Bullseye’s Playground (formerly known as the Target Dollar Spot.) I can find odds and ends I never knew I needed and plenty of fun things for crafts. This week, I pulled together a few supplies to make easy pencil Valentine’s Day cards with my daughter for her class. She’s not into the boxed cards and I needed something we could do together, with minimal effort.
Easy Valentine's Day Cards Using Target Dollar Spot Items
This easy Valentine’s Day card project will cost only $4 for a class of 20 kids and takes just a few minutes to put together. You can’t beat that! I do suggest breaking up the writing portion of this craft over a few days. My daughter got sick of writing “You’ve got the write stuff, Valentine” after the fifth card, so we did the rest here and there until we had enough for the class.
Target Dollar Spot Easy Valentine's Day Cards Craft
(From Target)
20 Valentine’s Day Pencils 
1 30-pack Fuzzy Sticks
1 3-pack Holographic Tape

(From home)
Scissors or paper cutter
Cardstock or other paper
Easy Valentine's Day Cards From Target Dollar Spot
Step 1: Cut cardstock into 4in x 1in strips.
Step 2: Have your child write their message. We like “You’ve got the WRITE stuff, Valentine.” I wrote it out for her once and she copied the text/colors.
Step 3: Take one pencil and wrap one Fuzzy Stick around the top (just under the eraser) so it shows four loops. Be sure to cover the top of the stick with the first loop to keep it secure.
DIY Easy Valentine's Day Cards
Step 4: Bend the loose end of the Fuzzy Stick back towards the pencil and twist to the bottom of the loose piece to form a loop.
DIY Valentine's Day Cards
Step 5: Using your fingers, bend the loop into a heart shape.
Valentine's Day Cards Pencil Topper
Step 6: Tape the message to the pencil, just below the Fuzzy Stick.

Voila! An easy, inexpensive, candy-free Valentine’s Day card idea you can do with your kids, using items found at Bullseye’s Playground.