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End Summer on a High Note at Open Air Adventure Park

I’m in serious denial that there’s only a month left of summer–we’ve been having so much fun exploring the outdoors, and I don’t want it to end. We’ve enjoyed going hiking, fishing, camping, and swimming but the activity that got the biggest raves from the kids (and even the husband!) was climbing the ropes course at Open Air Adventure Park in Estes Park.

I recently shared about their money-saving promotion, and we finally got a chance to check it out for ourselves!

As we pulled into the parking lot and the climbing tower came into view, the two older kids looked a little puzzled. “That’s IT?” “It looks so small!” We assured them that once they were 21 feet in the air it would seem much bigger! I’ll admit it does appear small from ground level–like a large playground structure. But once you’re up there? Whoa, Nelly! 


Learning the harnesses and getting ready to climb up!

Learning the harnesses and getting ready to climb up!

The facility is very well-organized. Even though it seemed really busy the day we went, the guides have an efficient way of sorting everyone into tour groups and timing each tour so that we never felt rushed or crowded. Our “ground school” instructor was very thorough and made certain that we were all confident using the harnesses before assisting us up to the first platform. Once on the platform, there were other guides available to help anyone who needed a hand and make sure we were all being safe. I felt especially nervous about my 7 year old being up there, as he couldn’t quite reach his harness clips, but they allowed him to stay right in front of my husband on each obstacle. My husband was able to help our son clip onto the cable leading to each obstacle, and walk right alongside him. 

Dad was able to our youngest navigate the tricky obstacles

Dad was able to help our youngest navigate the tricky obstacles

One of my fearless girls climbing high

One of my fearless girls climbing high

While my oldest two girls took right to the ropes and shimmied on up to the highest platform, the guys stayed low and tried out some of the easier obstacles. There’s a wide variety of elements, and they’re ranked by a simple color code–green, blue, and black, just like ski slopes–so most people can find just the right level of challenge. 

I say “most people” because, well–guess what I was doing while the rest of my family was climbing?

That’s right–I chickened out. As I was getting harnessed in, I was trying really hard to psyche myself up and push my fear of heights aside. I was actually able to climb the ladder and stand on the lower platform without feeling afraid. But as soon as I attempted to take that first step off the platform, I froze. It wasn’t that I didn’t feel safe. I knew in my head that I trusted the employees and the harness system to keep me from falling. I just froze. 

Thankfully, the employees were all super understanding, and helped me down without making a big deal. Not once did I feel embarrassed about wanting to come down, and our ground instructor let me keep my helmet on so I could run around below the course, watching my family and snapping pictures. 

Even though I wasn’t up there climbing with them, I still had a great time watching them have fun. My kids were all smiles when they were done, and are already asking when we can go back. This was an awesome experience, a memory they will always have to cherish long after this summer is over. 

I highly recommend Open Air Adventure Park for that last big hurrah before the kids head back to school. The staff is top notch and will take great care of you! Make sure you take advantage of their $5 off promotion, and tell them that sent you! 

Open Air Adventure Park is open daily from 9:30am-7:30pm. Reservations for tours can be made online at, or by phone at 970-586-3066. The park is located in Estes Park, at 490 Prospect Village Drive.


disclaimer: We were invited to take a complimentary tour at Open Air Adventure Park in exchange for an honest review and sharing their current promotion. No other compensation was made, and all opinions/text/images are my own.