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Everything You Ever Wanted, A Memoir by Jillian Lauren

Everything You Ever Wanted, Jillian Lauren

Being in the blogging world, there are some names that jump out at you, whether they are bloggers or authors. One of those names that stood out for me was Jillian Lauren. I didn’t know much about her other than she was close with some of the blogging community that attends the same or similar events, travel, conferences, etc. She wrote a couple of books, one of them Some Girls: My Life in a Harem, becoming a New York Times bestseller. 

I hadn’t read that book, although it was on my “short list” of ones I was wanting to get around to. You know how it is as a parent or someone who works and travels… there is always a list of books that you’d like to read, but you don’t have time for, or don’t make time for. Life goes on, you see reviews, note again that you should pick that up, but never do. That’s been me for the past year. Wanting to read various books, but not making the time. 

For Jillian’s third book, Everything You Ever Wanted, the time was made for me. I was given the opportunity to review the book and I had roughly 48 hours from the time I was finally home from another trip, until the book’s release, today. Giving myself such a short timeframe to read a 250+ page book seemed silly, but I was up for the challenge. I thought I would have to encourage myself to read an entire book in under 2 days, especially because I haven’t read a full book, cover to cover, in a while. 

I did not have to encourage myself one bit. I got to the 3rd chapter and was hooked. I couldn’t put it down. The writing was exactly my style. I could picture Jillian talking to me over coffee vs. reading a book. Learning about her struggles with infertility and going through the adoption process were things I haven’t experienced and I was enthralled. 

Then, it hit me. Right in the feels. The connection I had felt, but wasn’t sure why. Her son Tariku had special needs. So many of the same issues, struggles, thoughts that I went through with Brady early on in his life, were written out before me. The fears about school, the stares from other people at the store, right down to the type of noise canceling headphones we both use for our boys. 

There are many things my son has that Tariku does not, and vice versa. Many things Jillian and her husband Scott have gone through that I will not and vice versa, but the connection was still there. Her thoughts and feelings still eerily similar to my own. (Also note her husband and mine share a name, as well as her husband being in my husband’s favorite band of all time)

It’s rare that you connect so deeply with a book that it forces you to think, rethink and think some more. That earlier challenge that I gave myself to finish the book in 2 days?? Was narrowed down to devouring it in less than a day. I fully plan on re-reading it and now buying her other books as well. 

Whether you have gone through the struggles of infertility, adoption or special needs, if you are a mother, you will be able to relate to this book and it’s author. I love how open and honest she is. How free she is with her thoughts. She doesn’t hold back and that courage is rewarding her with amazing success. 

You can buy Everything You Ever Wanted, A Memoir by Jillian Lauren on Amazon. Follow her on twitter, facebook and/or her blog. Trust me, once you start reading, you won’t be able to stop. 

Everything You Ever Wanted, Jillian Lauren


disclosure: I was given a copy of this book for my review and honest opinions. No monetary compensation was made.