A New Way to Coupon – Safeway Just For U!

I recently attended a powerful and fun meeting at Safeway’s offices right here in Denver. The heart of the meeting is a revolutionary new way to coupon, without clipping! (my ears perked right up!)

Those of you that know me either through the blog, or in real life, know I love to score a deal, but if I have to use a coupon, my body freezes. I don’t like clipping them, I don’t like finding them, I just want to use them. If you are like me, then your grocery store trips have you saving whatever the club card saves you and that’s it. Right?!

Without sounding like a total 80’s informercial (but you know I’m dying to say it…)

Are you still clipping coupons the old fashioned way? Do you dread opening your Sunday paper and see the pile of coupons sitting there, mocking you?

(Do people still GET a Sunday paper?)

WAIT! There is a new product out that revolutionizes the way you clip coupons! It’s called Safeway Just 4 You! 

Act now and you can save on hundreds of items you already shop for! 

*Imagine all that said in my best Sham-Wow guy voice. You’re Welcome.*


Now Enter Safeway’s Just For U! program.


Safeway Just For U Coupon Savings Program

So, cheesiness aside… Here is a real customer who shows you how to use their new program.


See how easy that is?! Take a look at their website, look around the FAQs and sign up!  You get coupons you can load on your card based on what you already buy! No more buying 12 boxes of off-brand mac and cheese just ’cause you had a coupon! 😉

If you already use Safeway’s Just For U, what’s the most you’ve saved on a single shopping trip? I’m holding steady at 42% as my highest savings right now. I was so pleased I bragged to the checker about it. You know I did. 😛


disclosure: I was a part of a local blogger outreach for Safeway Just For U. We received coupons and gift cards to make purchases and test the program. No monetary compensation was made in return for my thoughts. Thoughts and outspoken opinions are mine and honest.



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  1. Jet stone says

    The just 4 u safeway program is a sham. After spending all the time required to sign up dor “the deals” they dont work. I was to receive 3 things FREE, but was vharged. Every trip theres something not honored in their just 4 u bogus program. Hate it!

  2. says

    I haven’t used it yet, but I will give it a try…I just added a bunch of coupons to my card. My only question is about the expiration dates…on real coupons, the dates are much further out, and are often accepted even after they expire…

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